She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


6. "i am in love with her man"

Jennifers pow

I woke up in my hotel room and i was in my bed.

I se clara sitting on the couch and watching tw.

"What happened" I asked her

"You pasted out after justin kiss you on the sene!" She said but all I could remember was i run out from the sene and all I could se was girls around me.

" are you feeling good " she asked

"Yes actually i fell like nothing happened " i said and clara gave me a big smile.

" how was it!?" She asked and laugh a bit.

"How was what?" I asked and i was confused what did she mean.

" you know THE KISS!!! " she said

"Ohh it was fine why?" I asked


"I didn't kiss him he kiss me" i said

" but still he kiss you that means he's in love with you" she said

"I don't think he's in love with me we only tryed a 7 roller coaster together" i said

" WHAT!! Tell me all about yesterday" she said

"Okay it's starting with a security man don't wanted to let me into the castle......"

Justins pow

The only think i am thinking about is jennifer. i am in love with her, i have never felt this way I fell about her to anyone, but i don't have her number ore i don't even know where she is.

Someone knocks on the door

" come ind" i said

And scotter comes in.

" yo justin i am worried about you what happened yesterday" he said

" i am in love with her man" i said and a tear fall down on my cheek

" why do you not call her" he said

" i don't have her number " i said and scotter works out of the room.

After 30 minutes he comes back.

" take some clothes on justin we are going to find her" he said and i gave him a big smile I won't stop to i find her. I took my clothes on and a black hottie over my head there was many paparazzi out side of the hotel.

I go over to scotter .

" alison have found her parents" he said

And we go outside and to disneylands hotels and see a big red hotel and outside of the hotel i se alison talk to jennifers parents.

" hey i am justin can i talk to jennifer" i said and they smiles at me

" sure shes on floor 4 and room 127" said jennifers mom

"Thanks" i sad and gave her a big smile.

I go over to the staries, and works up to 4 floor and trying to find room number 127.

Jennifers pow

After telling clara about yesterday she got the jalouse face and gave me a fake smile.

"I don't like him" i said and then she gave me a real smile.

" do you think he trying to find you" she asked

" I don't know" i said and then someone knocks on the door.

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