She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


18. he´s home


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justins pow

i took jennifer home at me we went inside my home she just staring at my house with her mouth open.

i took her hand and we went to the kitchen.

"what do you wanna eat.... spaghetti, sandwiches ore mac and cheese?" i asked her and she smiles.

"just mac and cheese pleas " she said and laughed i got over to dely she was my cook.

"to mac and cheese pleas" i said to her and she smiles and started to make it, ill go over to jennifer and she smiles at me.

"so.. what do you wanna do" i asked and she looked down on her shoes 

"we could go op to your room" she said and i smiled at her and took her hand and we went to my room.


jennifers pow


we went op to justins room it looked like this


omg it was amazing we went inside it and we sit on the bed and watched a movie justin put his arms around me i wish it could stay like this forever i liked how muscled his arms was i felt so safe and it also felt right.

"i love you" he whispered in my ear

" i love you too" i said and after about 4 min i got a text i took my phone a saw.

hey sexy it say i opened my phone and saw it was bryden why was he so nice to me lately.

"who is that " asked justin

"i-i-i" i said but justin cut me off and took my phone out of my hands.

"ill kill him" he said

"don´t kill him and bye the way you can not just take my phone"

he rolled eyes and gave me the phone back.

"i don´t want you to talk ore text him okay" he said angry i rolled my eyes 

"okay" i said i have never seen justin like this before we watched the movie again but then i got one more text justin took my phone.

"justin!! " i said and he gave me my phone.

"why don´t you answer me" it said and i rote back

"i have a boyfriend" i rote to him and then justin took my phone and read it he looked very angry and then he calls him.

"stop!! justin sto...." i said but justin putted his hand on my mouth.

"stop texting my girl!!!" he said in the phone with a angry face. i did´t not wanted to be here anymore i got out of the bed and the justin grab my wrist.

"were are you going" i did´t say anything and i just try to get  his hand of but he was too strong.

"babe whats wrong "he said and i looked at him angry

"what do you think.... you took my phone and calls someone i like to be my friend" i said he just putted his hands on my waist and turned me around.


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