She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


4. haunted house

Justins pov

I rain dawn to the girl "wait were are you going "i sad.

"I am going to try roller coasters " she sad and wakes fast out of the castle. I'm trying to stop her but she works fast, so i run. Over to her at put my hand on her shoulders.

"Who are going with you at the roller coasters" i asked

"No buddy" she said angry.

"I have 5 hours to the koncert can i cone with you" i asked

"No!" She said and start working away. I rain over to her at pushed her soft to at wall and puts my hands ond her wrists.

"Why" I asked she speak less and she just looks at me with her pretty brown eyes who made my heart smelting.

Jennifers pov

I never thought about how beautiful justin was now i just standing there pressed to a wall with justin holding my wrists, he's really close to me and my heart starts smelting.

I can't say to justin that the reason I don't wanted him with me was because I didn't like him, but now i starts getting butterflies i my stomach.

"Fine c-come w-with me to the rollercosters" i said when my heart starts popping out off my chest.

"Let's go " he wisps in my ear and i gave him a big smile and he took my and shows me the way to the space maintain.

After 2 hours I go against a bench because I wanted to sit down for a while but then Justin takes my wrist and stops me.

"Where are going?"he asks

"To the bench" I said and trying to push Justin's hand off my wrist.


"Because i am tired " I said

"Common Jennifer let's go to the haunted house I promise it's the last one" he said

"Ahhg... I don't want to" I said and then Justin carrying me over to the haunted house. I'm trying to get out of him but he is too strong.

" let go of me!!" I said

After the haunted house scotter calls justin, ' justin you have to get back now' "ok I'm coming " said justin. We went back but there was to many girls blocked the door.

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