She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


10. Eiffel Tower

Justins pow

"Sure whatever you want" i said and then i see jennifer cute little smile.

I got over to the man who drives the car.

" to the Eiffel Tower" i said.

" okay" he said. And he didn't even looked over at me he was looking at jennifer it was disgusting she was only 16 years old, I looked over at him and he actually didn't looked old he was abaout 18 years old.

After five minutes we was at the Eiffel Tower i looked out of the window and there was many people.

I took my hottie over my head and got out of the car and opened jennifers door.

" you really know how to treat a girl" she said and smiles over a me I started to blush.

Jennifers pow

I got over to the long line and waiting but then justin looks at me with a weird smile.

" why do you stand here" he asked

" I'm standing in line dumbass" I laughed and he took my wrist and we went to the elevator to come up.

" you can't just spring the line over" i said he just laughed at me.

We went inside the elevator and it got slowly up and my stomach started to hurting and just wanted to throw up.

" what's wrong" said justin

" i am just felling sick" and then justin took he's hands on my waist and wispers calm things in my ear and I started thinking about something else.

The elevator stopped and we went out it was cold.

"Are you cold" he asked and I didn't even could answer to it cause jutstin was too fast and he take his hottie of and put it on me, it helped a lot.

We took some pictures but in the next picture justin kissed me and then i kissed him back, he puts he's hands on my waist and i put mine around he's neck.

After about 5 minutes we both got down to the elevator and got in it, we was standing there for about a 2 minutes and then justin put his hands on my waist.

"c can I ask you a question" he said

" sure "

" do you want to be my girlfriend " he said and I started crying.

"Don't cry" he said and was looking down on the ground.

" It's happy tears" i said and he smiles at me.

"Yes" i said and hugged him and he pulled away and kisses me on the lips softly and I kissed him back.

We went out of the elevator and into the car quick cause justin didn't want anybody to se him.

" do you want some food " he said

" sure "

Justin went over to the guy that drives the car.

" to a good place to eat" he said to the guy.

" okay" he said but didn't looked at justin he was looking at me, he looked about 18 years old and actually quite cute.

I could se jalouse ore anger in justins eyes.

After 7 minutes in the car we went to eat and after that we got to justins big hotel.

I could se a lot of girl was in front of the hotel blocking the way in so justin puts he's hottie over his head and went out from the car.

He took my wrist and we went to the back of the hotel, there was a door and we went in side that door and up to our room.

It was big and elegant, justin took my hand and we went to the bed and cuddle for a while and then i feel a sleep.

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