She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


20. die in your arms

Jennifers pow

I got a text from bryden

Hey wanna go to starbucks tomorrow morning i can pick you up if you want?

What will justin think about that? I called justin

"Hey babe" he said

" hey i just waned to say that i don't need a ride to school tomorrow " I said

" oh okay bye babe i love you "

" bye i love you to" i said and hang up and texts bryden

Okay you can pick me up at 7:30

Ok se you tomorrow


I got overto the bathroom and took a shower and went to bed.

Next morring i took some skinny jeans and a white crop top.

I got out of the house and saw bryden in his car. I got in the car.

" hey beautiful " he said

" hi handsome " i said and laugh we went inside of starbucks and we both got a coffee and went to a table and drink our coffee.

"So where is justin" he asked

" oh he's home maybe making a song ore something " i said

" so he did not get angry that you are with me"

" no I don't think he is" i said angry.

After the coffee we went to school we had the first class together so we sit right next to each other.

After school i went home and made my homework, but then someone knocks on the door i opened it and saw justin standing with a sad face looking down but then he saw me and gave me a big hug and kissed me on my lips.

" i rode a song to you" he wispers in my ear

" can I hear it" i asked surprised

" sure but only on a sene... I'm playing soon a kocert " he said and took me up like a baby and putting me into his car he drives fast over to a big building and parks, he took he's hottie over he head that means there's going to be many girls, we went outside of the car and he took my hand, we got into the big building.

"Hey jenny" kenny said giving me a big hug and i saw how justin got anger in his eyes.

" hi" i said laughing and justin grap me up like a baby again I hated when he did that,

He went to the place all the girls was standing screaming and he let me down now.

" babe just wait here" he said and he walked over to the security guy and talked to him. After about 2 min he came back taking my hand and we went to the other side of the girls it was very close to the sene and all the girls kept pushing me. Justin went back and i just stod there and played games on my phone.

After 30 min the koncert started and justin came on the sene playing boyfriend, after that he started to play a song I didn't know but I think it was the song to me.

" listen every body this sing is for the most important person in my life" he said looking at me. And he started singing.

"So you love me.... As much that i love yeah

Would you hurt me baby.......... could you that to me yahh

Would you lie to me baby.. Cause the truth hurts so much more

Would you do the things that drive me crazy be my heart still at the door

Oh, i cant help it I'm just selfish there's no way that I could share you

That would break my heart to pieces honestly the truth is

If I could just die in your arms I wouldn't mind cause everytine you touch me i just die in your arms

Oooh it feels so rigth so baby baby ples don't stop girl"

Justins pow

I'll just loved her so much I couldn't describe how happy it made me when i saw her smile at me, nothing could ever make me happier then i was right now!.

But then the song was done and jennifer got back to the backstage.

After the koncert i rain to the backstage and saw ryan flirting with someone I looked a bit closer and he was flirting with jennifer and she tryed to get to me but ryan didn't notice me and put her up to a wall and trying to kiss her but jennifer tryed to stop him, i run down to ryan and punched him in his face and got over to jennifer and hugged her.

" what the fuck are you think you are doing " i said to ryan angry

" I'm flirting with this hot chik" he said and I really got angry.

" SHES MY GIRLFRIEND!!" I screamed so everyone could here me

" oh sorry I didn't know it was yours please forgive me justin" he said quite

" I forgive you this time but if you ever tuch her again I'm going to kill you okay"

" okay" he said quite and I looked over at jennifer

" I love you " she said and i got so happy that I kissed her

" i love you too so much " i said and we went to the car and i drive jennifer home and gave her the last kiss and then when i got home i went to bath and then to bed.

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