She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


19. bryden

Jennifers pow

Justin turned me around and looks deep in my eyes and slowly starts kissing me I really wanted don't wanted this to end but i had to remember what he just did, I pushed him away and runs over to the door and outside of the hause.

Then i realized that it was dark outside and I didn't have a car I started to walk.

I could see a boy but I couldn't se his face because he had a black hottie ober his head,

I will just walk straight to a shop not looking at the guy but he just came closer and closer and after all he was so close i could feel he's worm body.

" are you lost" he asked me and i tryed to see who it was.

" uh...yes I'm lost" he took of he's hottie, it was bryden he put his hottie over at me so I could be worm.

" why are you her bye yourself " he said

" I'm... I.." I couldn't find a excuse but he cut me off

" why are justin your boyfriend here" he said angry

" i...I left him" i said quite and he got a little smile on he's face.

" come with me " he said and took my wrist and we rain over to a car.

" get in" he said and he got in on the side where you had to drive and i smiled and got and he started driving, it was cold and raining outside and dark.

After 20 minutes he stopped driving and got out from the car and opened my door and then I realized i was home.

" thanks for driving me home" i said and gave him a hug.

" i do anything for you sweetheart " he wispers in my ear. I got into my home and my parents was sleeping so i got in shower and then to bed.

Next day i woke up and looked at my phone omg! I got 241 calls from justin and 321 messages, i call him.

" hey babe i was so worried were had you been please forgive me!!!!" He said really fast and i also wanted to forgive him so.

" okay I forgive you again " i Said and laughed

" thank god I'll pick you up 7:45 okay?"

" okay " i said and hang up and then i got a text from bryden omg

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