She's a ordinary 16 years old girl who hates justin bieber but what happened when justinbieber actually falls in love with her and kisses her in public. #justinbieber


21. Bryden are dead

Jennifer's pow

I woke up and got to shower and took some skinny black jeans and a caramel colour crop top and took a Appel and went out to Justin I got Into the car and Justin kissed me and he dropped me off at school and took he's hottie over his head.

I got out of the car and over to Bryden and gave him a hug and then Justin got out of the car pushing Bryden of me,

" what the hell Justin" I said

" don't you remember what I said about leaving my girlfriend alone" he said to Bryden and Bryden looked wery scared.

" JUSTIN STOP" I said and Justin looked over at me at with a angry look and he took me up and putts me into the car and I was trying to get out but Justin locked the door and then he got into the car.

" Justin what are you doing " I said. angry and he just drives away from the school

" Justin I have to be in class " I said again but he just didn't want to say anything I was really mad and i didn't know where I was anymore.

After 1 hour he stopped the car and he went outside and he locked the car again.

I was so mad and kind of sad but then he came back and he had a gun on him.

" Justin what are you thinking " I said but he didn't said anything and just drive back to the school and still he got out and let me hanging there in a locket car.

After 34 minutes Justin came with something and I could here he puts it in the baggage then he got in the car and kiss me on the lips and I pushed him of.

" what was that" I asked

" a kiss"

" no the thing in the garage " I said but he didn't said anything and drove away.

We stopped somewhere were there was a big lake and this time he didn't Locked the door so I got out and saw Justin with a dead body omg it was Bryden Justin had kill Bryden.

" JUSTIN WHAT HAD YOU DONE " I screamed and rain over to the body and started to cry but Justin pushed me away and trow the body into the lake.

"No Justin why" I said while I was crying he got over to me and hugged me but I pushed him of me.

" I DONT WANT TO SEE YOU ANYMORE " I screamed and run away from him.

"Jennifer wait pleas" he screamed back but I didn't listen to him and just rain to my house and got inside

" mom " I screamed.

" yeah sweetie " she said

" I need to leave this town right"

" sweetie what happened "

"I tell you later" I said and I knew that my mom understands me cause we have a really good bond I rain to my room and got my suitcase and stared to pack while I said everything to my mom expect that Justin had kill Bryden.

After packing my mom drives me to her best friend caya.

Caya is also kind of my best friend she lives in New York.

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