Carry On from - Percy Jackson : Lightining Theif


1. Chapter 2 // Camp Halfblood

"STEP ASIDE, STEP ASIDE!" Said an unfamiliar voice.

The swarm of what seemed like teenagers made a gap where the voice was coming from to let someone through.

"Well, look what we have here! Grover my boy I didn't think I would see you for years after you left!"

"Grover you know this guy?" Said Percy quite confused.

"For your information," Said a girl who had just stepped out of the crowd," He is not just some guy! I would demand you have more respect for him but as you are new you would not have known!"

"Annabeth, calm down it was a simple mistake don't worry," Said the voice," I believe you are indeed Percy Jackson I see your mother brought you here...oh excuse me I was very rude I did not introduce my self I am Chiron the leader of this camp. I will train you and this will be your home as well as your camp for the few years you stay here."

Just as he finished saying that the whole crowd departed and got back to their business I was obviously time to tell Chiron the full story...

To be comtinued....
P.S I couldn't write that much because of the time here sorry.
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