Once Upon A Time

Nicole is 16,she goes to Jones High school.But soon she starts to fall for the cocky badboy, Calum Hood.But what happens when cheating her brother Jace and her abusive ex come in the picture.READ AND FIND OUT!!


11. visiting

its been a year since i left to go live with my grandma,but today i get to go home for a week.I had my amazing 2 month year old baby, and i got a boyfriend of 5 months now,and they are going with me.We are on the plane now about 1 hour left so i put my earphones on and fell asleep.I was woke up by colton(boyfriend,he's 19) shaking me telling me we were there.I got up and got my bags and nicki(amazing daughter)and put it in the mustang GT which was colton's car.I just let nicki sleep on my chest on the way to my childhood home as i gave colton directions.Once we arrived i let colton get nicki and his bag and i got my bags ,and we walked in the door of the house and took our stuff up to my old room quietly and walked back downstairs to find my brother and calum horse playing while playing call of duty.They were loud so i had to yell but said,"whats going on here." i yelled a little to loud it woke nicki up so colton cradled her to go back to sleep."Sis i missed you and who's this"my brother said."this is my boyfriend colton and my daughter nicki." i told him and calum looked suprised."how old are they both?"my brother asked."colton is 19 and nicki is 2 months old.so are you guys best friends now?"i aksed."oh yeah i was going to tell you but.."i cut him off."its fine whatever me and colton and nicki are going to go upstairs."and with that we went upstairs.After i fed nicki and layed her down on the bed in front of me and colton was cuddled up with me from behind me."so whats your problem with the guy downstairs?"he asked me."he's the one who got me pregnant and then cheated 4 days after we had sex,the day i was going to tell.Thats why i am living with my grandma i didn't want him to find me or the baby but when i get back home i find out him and my brother are best friends."i told him the story."aw i'm sorry babe i didn't know."he told me quickly,"i know its fine really lets just go to sleep.I love you."i said about to drift off to sleep."i love you too."he said back.And with that i fell asleep with the person i loved and our baby.But before we did that we kissed each other and put nicki in the middle of the bed.

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