Once Upon A Time

Nicole is 16,she goes to Jones High school.But soon she starts to fall for the cocky badboy, Calum Hood.But what happens when cheating her brother Jace and her abusive ex come in the picture.READ AND FIND OUT!!


10. the plan

I knew what i was going to do,and i already asked my mom and dad.As i got dresses i was thinking was i doing the right thing.When i got to school i walked straight towards my locker with my brother and his friends.Calum came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered ,"hey feeling any better."I looked at my brother and gave him the look and as soon as i did he pulled calum off me and dragged him across the hall way next to the girl he cheated on me with.I took my stuff and walked to my first class and glanced at calum he was staring at me.As soon as i got in class and set next to natasha  the teacher came up to me."hi welcome back here is your work for the rest of the year,your mom already told me."she said. I knew my mom would have told her they are basically best friends."thanks,can i go put this in my locker?"i asked her,she nodded. I walked out and looked and saw calum and courtney making out.As soon as i got to my locker calum came up beside me."you know i knew this was never going to last but i thought you wouldn't do it the day before i was going to tell you i was pregnant with your baby.But don't worry i'm going to live with my grandma in the UK so you could date courtney."i said,then walked away.At the end of the day i was at my locker and was getting my stuff out and put everything in my backpack.Calum walked up to me and said," i'm sorry and stupid please don't leave me.""too late todays my last day."i said and walked out of the school i loved.

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