Once Upon A Time

Nicole is 16,she goes to Jones High school.But soon she starts to fall for the cocky badboy, Calum Hood.But what happens when cheating her brother Jace and her abusive ex come in the picture.READ AND FIND OUT!!


4. the date

 I have still been getting crap on my outfit all day long and it's driving me insane.Whats also driving me insane is calum has a question for me and won't ask me til the end of the day.When the last class is over i ran to calum's locker and said,"whats the question?"he laughed and said,"little impatient aren't we""the question is will you go out with me on a date tonight?""yes of course.what time?"i asked."6:30 but since its friday and i already asked your parents bring a extra bag to last you all weekend and a bathing suit."he answered.  "okay,where are we going?"i said"its a suprise."he told me then walked away after giving me a kiss.Once i got home it was 4:30 so i decided to pack first.I put my pink and black bikini in my bag first then i put all my clothes and my hairbrush,phone and charger,and my toothbrush.After that i got ready for our date which consists of a blue dress with lace on it and gold sandals.After i got dressed i straightened my hair and put on my makeup and pearl earrings and my infinity necklace.i was all ready and sent calum a text saying i was ready.

As soon as calum got here i opened it and saw him standing there looking beautiful as ever.Once he looks at me he says,"oh my god you look hot" "thanks you too,"i said to him. It took us a while to get to where we were going but when we finally got there i couldn't see where we were because calum covered my eyes.But once we got there and he uncovered my eyes i was in tears.it looked beautiful it was a dinner by candlelight on the beach.After we ate we layed down on the sand and looked at the stars.Later he pulled me up off the ground and said,"follow me" we walked back to his car and got our bags and started to walk to a random destination.

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