Once Upon A Time

Nicole is 16,she goes to Jones High school.But soon she starts to fall for the cocky badboy, Calum Hood.But what happens when cheating her brother Jace and her abusive ex come in the picture.READ AND FIND OUT!!


9. telling him

"everybody saw a video of calum and whitney having sex in the bathroom."my brother finally said and when he did it broke my heart and the worst part is he did it with the school's hottest girl.I know exactly what i was going to do, and i was going to go stay at grandmas who lives all the way in the UK."Thanks for telling me i know what i'm going to do,i need you to help me okay?"i asked him."sure anything."he said."tomorrow is my last day and i need you to keep calum away okay but you can't say anything to him."i told him."okay i love you sis"

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