Once Upon A Time

Nicole is 16,she goes to Jones High school.But soon she starts to fall for the cocky badboy, Calum Hood.But what happens when cheating her brother Jace and her abusive ex come in the picture.READ AND FIND OUT!!


6. nick

 yesterday felt so amazing ,but i'm still a little sore.Me and calum decided to take a watch on the beach.When suddenly i saw someone i wish i didn't have to see for the rest of my life...it was NICK.He saw me so i quickly looked away only to realize he was walking right towards me and calum.I quickly turned to calum and said,"please don't let him take.""why,who is he and what did he do to you."calum asked me."i will tell you when we get back to the beach house just act normal."i told him.Right as i said that nick got to us,so i hid behind calum and said,"what do you want nick.""aww aren't you happy to see me babe."he said back."don't call me babe and no i'm not so go away."i said back to him very grouchy but he deserves it for all he done to me."sure but i will see you soon you owe me anyway."he said back.after he said that i ran back to the beach house with calum following me.As soon as i got there i broke down crying in a master bedroom."what did he do to you and what do you owe him,"calum said to me as he hugged me from behind."he used to hit me and threaten me,so one day while he was gone i left and never came back thats why i owe him because i left."i told him as soon as i said that calum got up and started down the stairs and went out the door.I thought i heard the door open so i went downstairs to see the one and only nick."what do you want nick"i told him."remember you owe me."he told me.As soon as he said that he started to hit me, and i fell on the ground and then he kicked he in the stomach four times and then left.A few minutes after he left calum came back and ran over to me."oh my god.i'm so sorry i shouldn't have left.what did he do to you?"he asked me."he just hit me."i told him back.I didn't tell him about the kicks to the stomach,he would've freaked out.So i carefully just got up and went to the bathroom.I lifted up my shirt to look in the mirror and calum opens the door  so i quickly just put my shirt down.Hopefully he didn't see that."whats on your stomach nicole?"he asked as he walked towards me."nothing"i said as i walked backwards until my back hit the wall.He stopped right in front of me and slowly lifted up my shirt.When he saw the bruise that was turning purple his eyes widened."WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU"he yelled getting angry."he kicked me in the stomach 4 times"i said really fast.Oh Oh.Nicks in trouble now.

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