Once Upon A Time

Nicole is 16,she goes to Jones High school.But soon she starts to fall for the cocky badboy, Calum Hood.But what happens when cheating her brother Jace and her abusive ex come in the picture.READ AND FIND OUT!!


2. introduction

hi my name is nicole gardner. I have blond hair, i'm sorta tall and sorta short. I love to read,skateboard,and draw. I'm 16 years old and this is me.

hi i'm jace,her older brother.I have brown hair,and i,m tall. I'm also the captain of the football team which makes me popular. I know my sister is very pretty so i have to be the overprotective brother because i know guys i'm one of them. And this is me.

hi i'm nick,her ex-boyfriend,i mean i know i hit her a couple of times but that was on accident i was drunk.But when i found out nicole was dating calum i was mad because she is supposed to be mine.And this is me.

hi i'm nicki,her bestfriend,and i know what nick did to her.And i beat the shit out of him and told him to stay the hell away from nicole or i would be his ass just like i did before.anyways this is me.


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