Love Trianlge

Melanie is a normal girl, with great vocals. G-eazy is a rapper, born and raised in oakland, CA. And Ariana... A crazy bitch who wants to ruin melanies life, before it even starts. Who's going to win 'Eazy over? Who deserves him?


1. Melanie

I woke up this morning, and laid in bed for a straight hour. Thinking about why i even need to get out of bed. I looked out my window to my neighbors house. It was just another boring summer day. If i really wanted to, i could just sleep the day away. And then have my parents yell and me for it later...

I sit up and feel a major headache. Shouldn't of had those extra shots last night. I get and walk in to my bathroom, which is thankfully only a few steps away from my bed, and take a shower. I take out my ponytail and turn on the hot water, and think some more. Why am i here? Why am i like this? Always out partying, and regreting it in the mornings. I would think i would learn my lesson by now... but oh well.

I get out of the shower and grab my black poke-a-dot tites from last night and slip them on. I find my black skirt and my bluish-green blouse and throw them on. I rummage threw my basket under my bed to find my black high-heel boots, and step back into my bathroom. Ugh. What am i going to do with my hair today. Such a mess. I throw it up in a bun and stick a maroon colored bow on it. Looks good enough.

I walk out of my room and walk down the stairs to the kitchen. I was trying to avoid my mother, but it always seems like shes just... there.

"Morning honey! How did you sleep? I heard you come in pretty late last night... You weren't driving, were you!?!" yes, im almost twenty years old, and i live with my mother. 

"No mom, I wasn't driving, and I slept fine. Just like every other night. Look, i got to go so I'll see you later" i pour my self a cup of orange juice, and notice my moms staring at me.

"Yes, mom?"

"Nothing... I just... I love you"

"Uhm... I love you too mom, everything ok?"

"yes, yes... Go have fun, i'll see you later"

"uh, ok mom. Bye" i give her a side hug and grab the keys to the corvett (2015 blue convertible). I would be driving my dodge (purple challenger 1969) but, my drunk self, walked home and left it parked and my friend Gerald's house. So thats one mission i have to accomplish: get my car. But i also have to meet up with Ariana and get my fake ID. Which isn't gonna be fun, because she totally despises me.

I run out the front door and hop in the car, ready to ride. Then my phone rings, and my life changes. 


Hey guys, so at the end of every chapter im gonna say something, its just like a little note. 

I'll usually have pictures from the chapter to show you. So yeah:)

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Here is Melanies outfit, and the her two cars.


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