Love Trianlge

Melanie is a normal girl, with great vocals. G-eazy is a rapper, born and raised in oakland, CA. And Ariana... A crazy bitch who wants to ruin melanies life, before it even starts. Who's going to win 'Eazy over? Who deserves him?


2. Gerald

"Dad!!!! Melanie's coming over!!! Leave us alone!!!" I scream to my dad from my room, hoping he heard me. And hoping i didn't just yell into air, and he's actually here. Here's a thing about my dad, he's a flake, and he barely even lives here. He's more in and out, and a actual part of this family.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going out, see you later" and there was the line i was waiting for. He is always sneaking around behind moms back. For all i know, he's a pimp.

"ok great, bye" he slams the door behind him and leaves. Thank god. I get out of bed and throw on my black flannel and black skinny jeans.I grab my gold chain necklace and put it on and then step into the bathroom and slick back my hair. Wow, for once i don't feel horrible about myself.

I walk into the kitchen and pour my self a shot of tequila, and then the door bell rings.

"HEYYY EAZY!!!! ITS MELANIE!!!" right on time. 

I walk over to the door and pear out the window, thinking she would have something extravagant on. But, thank god, her look of the day was more laid back. I open the door and let her in, realizing i still have a shot in my hand.

"Were you gonna drink that?" Melanie with her smirky comments. Makes me go crazy.

I gulp down the tequila and slightly tumble onto Melanie. Its only 10am and i've had a shot. Today will be great.

"hey, so whats up?" she gives me this look. A look she gives me all the time when I'm supposed to know something, or somethings super obvious.

"Well... For starters, my car is in your lawn." Oh yeah, forgot about that.

"oh, uh, yeah... The keys are up in my room, come with me" the keys aren't in my room... 

She follows me up the stares, to the end of the hall, into my room. Its not too dirty, but its not OCD clean. Your probably wondering what I'm doing, well, its simple. I'll tell her i can't find the keys, so she'll probably get worried and sit on the bed. I'll sit next to her, talk to her, and lean in for a kiss. It's just that easy. I mean, I've been her friend since before kindergarten. I've had a crush on her for years. Now's my chance.

Flash back to November, 2000:

"Mommy can I go play out front??"

"Sure sweety, go get used to the new neighbor hood. Make some friends! Just be inside before 7"

"Ok mom, I love you!!" 

"Love you too, hun" I ran out into the front yard to see a boy checking out my car. He looks like he's my age, probably a few years older.

"Can i help you?" he looks over at me, just now realizing i was here.

"Oh sorry. I just really like your car. Is it a 1970?"

"No, its 1969. But hi, I'm Melanie!" great way to introduce my self. Ugh, why is he so tall?

"Hi, I'm Gerald, but you can call me G-Eazy. How old are you?"

"I'm almost 7, what 'bout you?"

"I'm 10. Nice to meet you Melanie. Look, i got to go, before my dad gets home. But i hope i see you around!"

"Yeah, hope i see you around too, Eazy" I gave him a small smirk. He ran off, and winked at me. Ugh. Boys are so gross. But, there's something about that boy... That I like.

"HEY EARTH TO EAZY!! WHERE'S THE KEYS??" wow what a great way to get snapped back into reality.

"Oh, there just right over... Uhm... Well they were here. I swear" 

"Oh no. There some where in the house, right? You don't think anyone took them, right? RIGHT?!?!" she steps back words and sits on the bed. If my plan goes through correctly, the keys are down staires and I'll just give them to her before she leaves.

"No, no one would steal them Mel. There here, I swear." She looks up at me. Now I'm sitting on the bed next to her, with one arm wrapped around her. She looks so cute today.

I lean in closer to her face as i whisper "I swear" and give her a kiss. She looks at me. Almost in shock, and leans back in for another kiss. Her lips are so soft. I don't want her to ever leave.


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