Look Beyond The Horizons Peak

No one knows anyone, but they're all forced to work together for survival. It's not the end, but the beginning. The beginning of something bigger than all of them. How'd it happen? The professor over-dosed on his pills. Felt a little....light headed. Hit a few wrong switches, released dangerous gasses that let off mega-neurotoxins that did more than fuck up your nervous system. He'd made a grave mistake, biggest of his life actually. Or at least, last one he'd ever make. For that started something bigger than you and me alike.


1. One by One

 Fuck going to hell, hell's coming to us. And it's slowly taking us, one by one. Laila got torn apart by a horde right in front of George just last week.


                                                     Hell's taking us one by one


George couldn't take the mental stress, put the blame on himself. I tried to check on him the other day. Just so happened I walked in just in time to hear that "click" and see his brains splatter against the wall, as his body skid down lifelessly.

                                                      Hell's taking us one by one


Jake was on some special pills. He overdosed. His girlfriend Drew went crazy whereas I couldn't care less, never really liked the guy. He was a dickhead. A fuckboy. A shitfaced fag that always had some smart ass remark in the worst of situations......But he was part of the team.


                                                      Hell's taking us one by one


The car ran out of gas and we were sure we had cleaned out that area of town, yet everyone was hesitant as to who had fill 'er up. Someone had to do it and it sure as hell wasn't me. Shit, this is like Highschool Of The Dead and I'm gonna be the Takashi Komuro of this one. Ray got out the car to do it. Nothing really mattered to him at this point. He wasn't afraid of dying, the nigga was already dead on this inside anyway. Fortunately, he got the gas. Unfortunately, this area wasn't exactly as clear as we thought. If the windows were down we could've shot at the bastard faster. We did though, believe me we did. Took the limper down, but he brought Ray with him. Lots of mourning followed.


                                                       Hell's taking us one by one

                                                           I wonder who's next.


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