Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


12. The Date - 11


Megan's POV


I walked home mad at Luke for  getting mad cause I was going on a date with Mikey, like he isn't my dad he can't tell me what to do.

I just brushed it off and went to get dress for the date.


( Skip all the boring stuff ) 

I got a text from Mikey saying he was at the door so I walked to the door and opened it and it was Luke and he had a gun in his hand pointing it at my head 


"I'm so sorry Meg but if I can't have you Mikey can't either!"







haha jk heres the actual chapter








I got a text from Mikey saying he was at the door so I walked to the door and opened it


"Wow, Meg you look amazing  (Btw in the pic it's supposed to be long brown hair.)


"Thanks, you too" I said blushing

Thanks, alright lets head off then." He said while grabbing my hand

"How's Rosie?" He asked while I got in the car

"Oh she's doing good! I think I may get another dog." I said thinking of Rosie

"Well you might wanna think a little bit more before you get one. They are a pain in the ass!" Mikey said which made me laugh

"Yea I will but I'll also ask Rosie first." I said giggling

"She can't talk she's a DOG!!" Mikey said

"Well remmeber that time she said thank you?" I said 

"Yea okay, whatever." Mikey said

"I guess I won the argument!" I said smiling


We finally reached the resturaunt 


"Omg, this is so prettty" I said walking in 

"Yeah it is!" he said walking to the place where we get our seats


"Hi how many people?' the waittress asked

"Hey um just 2." mikey said

"Alright follow me!" she said while winking .... ugh

We got to our seats and I sat opposite of Mikey and I looked at the menu and after a few minutes I picked mashed potato with cheese and gravy with fancy chicken. Mikey got pizza OBVIOUSLY!


The waiter came to take our orders and I stared at her name tag so I could find out her name

It said Chelsie ( sorry if thats your name )


"Hey so are you done ordering?" Chelsie asked

"Yes we are" I said


then I told her what we wanted and she gave me the bichiest look


"Are you sure your gonna eat all that?" She said giggling and Mikey joined in with her


"Um exuse me?" I asked tears filling my eyes

"Well like you don't need to get any fatter but ok!" Chelsie said walking off


"Exuse me Mikey I need to go to the restroom real quick" I said way too fast

"Ok banana!" Mikey said which made smile

I walked into the bathroom and let it all out luckily I was wearing water proof make-up


I got out and I saw Chelsie putting the plates on our table so I rushed over so she doesn't try anything


"Hey foods here!" Mikey said as I sat down

"It looks so good!" I said ignoring that Chelsie was still there

"Well eat up then..... pig" She said walking away

"Did you hear that?" I asked Mikey

"Hear what?" He said while eating his pizza

"She just called me a pig!" I said

"Well she's probably just jealous, I know I would be!" He said

"Your adorable Mikey" I said smiling

"I know!" He said

"Oh god!"I said looking behind him

"what is it?"

"omg he's here!" I said scared to death

"Who's here?" Mikey asked looking behind him

"My ex." I wispered

"He used to abuse me a-and I-we need to go." I said getting up

"alright lets go" Mikey said

and right when we were about to leave my ex got in the way

"Alex please move." I said

"No! and who's this asshole" Alex said

"he's not an asshole!" I said

"And I'm her boyfriend so we're just gonna go." Mikey said while grabbing my hand and dragging me out of that hell hole.


"So would you like to give me the history between you and this Alex?" Mikey said

"Oh yeah of course." I said sighing


 the end   !!!!    I wanna thank my mom and my dad



   jk...... or maybe not haha! No but seriously the next chapter will be uploaded soon







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