Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


39. Suprise part 2 - 36


*Skip the driving*

We arrived at a pet shop and when we got inside I got a text


Mikey <3

What the hell is going on Megan

Don't worry about it


I texted back


"We need to make this quick Michael is already worrying" I said to Ashton

"Alright, oh look theres a few cats over there" He said pointing to a section with cats

"aww I love this one" I said pointing at one that had a pink bow on it

"ok let's see what Michael thinks now" Ashton said while walking to a person who works here

"Hello I would like to get one of those cats over there" Ash said to a co-worker

"ok come follow me and I'll get your information down" She said

"Hey Ash could you get the food and some toys and stuff like that" I said 

"Yea. I'll be back" He said

"Ok thanks" I said

I put my information onto a sheet of paper and the lady took it and gave me medicine and information on the cat 

Ashton came back from his little journey for cat supplies

"Ok I got three toys, a bag of litter, a dark blue bed, and a box of cat food." He said like he was out of breath

"Did you run to find these things?" I asked

"Oh no I just wanted to make things dramatic" He said, I laughed

"You guys are a very cute couple." The lady said while handing us a box to hold the cat in

"Oh were not-" I said but she cut me off

"It's ok I understand, have a great day" She said

Ashton started laughing and I couldn't help but follow along

"You too" I said in between laughs

We got inside the car with the supplies and the cat 

"Well that was funny" Ash said as we started to pull out of the parking lot

" Ha yea the way she just cut me off was halarious" I said while grabbing the box the cat was in

"Yea that was pretty funny, So how's the cat doing in there" Ash said

"Good She's just laying down but very being very causious" I said as we got into the hotel parking lot

"Alright well lets see how the guys will react, especially Mikey" Ash said 

"Yup" I said while getting out of the car

Ashton grabbed the cat stuff and I grabbed the box that had the cat in it

We went in the elevator and we opened our door very quitely and hid the cat and the cat supplies

"We're home!!" I yelled and Mikey came rushing out of me and his room

"Where the hell have you been" Mikey said

"Ash would you like to do the honors" I said turning to Ashton

"Of course" He said and grabbed the cat out of the box

"Suprise!!" I screamed

"Oh my god is that for me?!" Mikey said

"Yea, after you told me and Luke about you love for cats I decided me and Ash should buy you a cat" I said while Ash handed the cat to him

" I love it, its a girl right?" Mikey said observing the cat

"Yea, what are you gonna name her" Ash said

"Lily, her name is gonna be lily" MIkey said while holding her like a baby

"Aww thats a beautiful name" I said

"Thanks you guys" Mikey said while he put Lily down and hugged us

"Your welcome" Me and Ash said


4 more chapters and the sequel will be out!!

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