Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


16. Something I wasn't looking forward to - 14


"Yeah okay." Mikey and Niall said 

"Well we also have something else to tell you and Draid." Niall said wrapping his arms around Draid

"Come lets sit on the couch" Niall said while grabbing Draids hand and leading us to the couch

"Alright what is it?" I said 

"ASHTON,LUKE,CALUM!!" Mikey yelled

"Are we gonna tell- oh hey Meg!" Luke said coming down the stairs with Ash and Cal

"What are you guys gonna tell me?" I asked looking at Mikey

" I- we are gonna g-go on a tour." Mikey said while holding onto my hand 

"What!" Me and Draid said at the same time


Draid's POV


"What!" Me and Meg said at the same time

"Wait so just you, Cal, Luke and Ash or ar-" I said while getting cut off by Niall

"Just 1D and 5sos." Niall said while kissing me on the cheek

"Wait you can't just be with me and then leave for tour." I said tears filling my eyes

"She's right Niall." Meg said supporting me

"And Mikey I don't even know whats going on with us, are we together or not?" She asked Mikey on the verge of tears


Meg's POV


"And Mikey I don't even know whats going on with us, are we together or not?" I asked Mikey on the verge of tears


"Meg I love you but I don't know if it's gonna work out." Mikey said still holding my hand

"So you tell me this NOW!!" I yelled letting go of his hand

"I-I'm sorry I just, the fans they, I don't know, they might give you hate and." Mikey said but I cut him off

"So YOU won't date ME because the FANS don't want you to!" I screamed while getting up causing Luke, Ash, and Cal to try to calm me down


"It's okay this always happens." Calum said holding my arm

"NO It doesn't because that didn't happen when you liked Abigail Breslin you still dated her." I said 

"I'm sorry Meg." Mikey said crying slightly

"I'll be at starbucks I just need to think about this. And congrats on the tour." I said grabbing my purse

"I'm going with you." Draid said,  I just smilled and we walked to starbucks


Draid's POV


"So whats your background story?" Meg said as we got in starbucks and sat down at one of the tables not really in the mood to have anything


"What do you mean?" I said 

"Well like how did you meet Niall?" She said

"Oh well my friend got tickets to see 1D and she took me with her but then she got in an argument with a body guard because she couldn't take pictures of them yet cause they were like backstage getting ready and we could see them and you know they need thier privacy but she didn't care. Eventually we got kicked out and we couldn't meet them so she was gonna sneak in so she could meet them but I just went to the car to get my guitar and I just sat by the exit of the meet and greet because I wasn't gonna sneak in and make a fool out of myself. Soon or later I was playing Little Things and when I was done I heard someone clapping and I turned around to see Niall."             I said thinking back to the conversation we had


Transitioning to their conversation            


"And all your Little thing" I sang at the and

*Clapping from behind her*

"AHH Oh god you scared the living Green Day out of me!" I said laughing at my own joke

"Well I heard you playing and I thought you were good." Niall said

"Well your a stalker!" I said while I heard fans screaming uh oh

"I gotta go here take this!" He said in a rush throwing a piece of paper at me and running of

"I checked the paper and it had his number on it he is so cheeky.


"So yea thats how it all happened." I said to Meg



Paper count: 3


Okay thats it I hoped you enjoyed it the next chapter will be out soon and if you have nothing to do go check out my new forum called Bandom Talks I upload every Mon. and Fri.




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