Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


26. Revenge - 24


Megans POV


We got to the hotel with Ally, she seems pretty cool.. now I feel bad for thinking he was cheating eventhough I had every right to think that I still feel that I need to trust him more

We both need to trust each other


When we got to the hotel I quickly went to go take a shower because it was already getting dark so I took a shower and I went to go put shampoo on my hair when I felt something weird but I brushed it off thinking it was just the shampoo so I let the shampoo sit in my hair while I washed my body and I realized my hands were purple... so I went to go wash it off and thankfully it came off but then it left me wondering where it came from so I washed the shampoo out my hair and on the shower floor there was a pile of some type of purple liquid and I already knew..

My hair was purple..


I hurriedly washed the rest of my hair, got out the shower put my stuff on and looked in the mirror

My whole head was purple!!


Then thats when I saw a piece of paper on the counter in bathroom

and it said..


Dear Megan,

I decided since you love Mikey so much you should have some of his habits for example

hair dye... hehe. oh and this is also pay back for what you and Harry did to Luke I hope you like your new hair    

Love, Cal Pal



"CALUM!!" I yelled from the bathroom

and everyone came and saw my hair and started laughing like crazy

"It's not funny..." I said getting out the bathroom and going to the dresser they had in the hotel

"Calum I'm gonna get you back" I said grabbing my flat iron and ironing my hair

" I thought you would like it" Cal said while laughing

"The funny thing is I kinda've do like it." I said giggling

"I like it... it's not that bad.." Mikey said

"But Now we have matching hair!" Mikey said

"Yea I guess we do!" I said laughing 

After I was done flat ironing my hair I looked in the mirror and saw my new purple hair it kinda've looked good

After staring at my hair for a few minutes I got into bed and checked twitter... I decided to post a picture with my new hair 

Calum pranked me but I kinda like it :)

That was the caption of the picture


I soon fell asleep but while I was drifting off I felt someone come on the bed and I turned around to be facing Mikey and we both fell asleep peacefully



Paper count: 5


There's nothing like a nice long sleep...

am I right? 


This is how Megans hair looks like..


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