Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


8. Pranked the prankster - 7


I relized I was petting Rosie for too long so I got up and fed her. She must be starving I was at the guys house for a few hours. After I fed her she went with me to my room and I soon fell asleep




The next day I woke up and did my morning routine and in the middle of feeding Rosie I got a phone call 


"Hello?" I said cause I don't know the caller ID

"Hi this is 5sos's manager... um is this Megan?" he said

"Yes." I said confused, why was he calling me?

"Well I know this is random but you are close friends with them right?" he askedleading to something

"I've known them for years but they only known me for a few days. How did you get my number?" I asked 


"Luke gave it to me. But anyways this will break your heart so get a box of tissues." He said laughing at the end


"Um.... ok?" I said super annoyed at the moment

"Alright well 5sos doesn't want to listen to the instructions I give them and they signed the contract for their music career and if they don't follow the contract they will be put out of the music indistry." he said i one big huff


"So what are you trying to say?" Is said getting a bit worried

"They didn't follow the contract so they have been kicked out of the music indistry." He said and I could already feel the tears coming


"w-what?" I said trying to hold my tears

"I am truly sorry but they wanted to do things their way and thats not allowed" He said having no sympathy at all


"w-well thats what their t-trying to do s-so they could make a difference in the world!" I said with rage


"Megan you do not understand their having random meet ups causing fans to get hurt from all the chaos and they get girlfriends and leave them the next day. How is that making a difference? The only difference their making is a bad influence on other people who love them." He said reasoning me


"That's bullshit!" I said then hanged up 




After a few minutes of crying I decided to go eat some Icecream because every fangirl does that. Right?


When I get up my phone starts ring so I go to pick it up and it was Luke


"Hey." I said sniffling

"Are you crying?" He asked

"No I'm totally fine its not like you got kicked out of the music industry!" I said note sarcasm

"I'm sorry we just wanted to prove people that were not what they think we are. Luke said

"Andalsothiswasaprank!!!!!!!" He said super fast and then hunged up





Hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter! Make sure to give me any ideas that you have so I could add them in a story! Ok bye


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