Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


6. Prank war - 5

 When I sat down next to Harry he took my hand and pulled me to a room that I'm assuming is a mini studio room

" Ok I have an idea that could be used as a prank!" Harry said excitedly


"Ok? What is it?" I asked


"Well we're gonna get Luke first and what I want you to do is to walk him outside and tell him that you have a surprise for him while your doing that I will set up a ballon filled with blue hair dye right above the door and then your gonna open the door and walk in first and then Luke will come right after you and thats when I'll pop the ballon!" He said which made me excited


"Oh thats gonna be awesome!" I said 

"Ok lets start it then!" Harry said


While we went back to the living room I said quietly


"Prank war is on"


(Skip the whole set up for the prank)



"Hey Luke um could we talk outside?" I said trying not to show anything

"Outside?" Luke said confused

"Yea just for a bit. I just tell you something." I said hoping he'll go with it

"Ok" he said following me outside


"Ok so I have a surprise for you!" I said

"Oooh what is it?" he said getting exited

"I can't tell you yet this surprise is only for you and I didn't want to tell anyone cause they might be jealous especially Mikey!" I said thinking about the hair dye

"Ok, well can we go inside so I can see it?" he said

"Oh yea let's go inside!" I said 


I walked inside getting ready for the prank and as I walked in all I heard was.


"OOOOOMMMYYYYYGOD!!!!!!" Luke screamed

"GOTCHA!!!!" me and Harry yelled

"What is this?" Luke asked running to the bathroom

"It's blue hair dye!" I said laughing

"If this doesn't come out in the shower I will kill you!" Luke said

"It's hair dye mate it can't come out!" Harry said

"UGH!!!!!" Luke yelled as we ran back to the couch

"That was the best prank ever!" I said high-fiving Harry


A few minutes after Luke came out the shower.............


"So how did it go?" Harry asked as Luke sat down on the couch

"MY HAIR IS STILL BLUE!!!!" Luke screamed as me and Harry laughed even more

"Oh well..." I said while turning the tv on


Hey guys sorry for not uploading yesterday but hoped you like this chapter tell me what you think of Luke's new hair style

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