Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


40. Party - 37


Ashton's POV


I went to my room so Megan and Michael can play with the puppy, I decided to go on my phone and check some of my dm's on twitter until someone knocked on my door


"Ash?" Cal said while entering my room

"Yea?" I said while putting my phone down

" Theres a party going on for Harry's birthday and he wanted to know if you wanna come" Calum said

"Yea.. Let me put something better on" I said while getting up

"Alright I'll be in the living room" Calum said

"K." I said while going to my closet

I got a white silky shirt with ripped skinny jeans and some fancy shoes

I grabbed my phone and went to the living room

"Why so dressed up?" Luke said

"I'm going to a party with Calum" I said 

"Alright lets go I got a cab waiting for us!" Calum said 

We went inside the cab and went to the party

The party was like a grammy award congratulations type of party not no lets make out kinda've party 

I spotted Harry and went up to him

"Hey mate!" I said

"Hey Ashton, Nice to see you here" Harry said

I laughed but then zoned out because of this one girl with dark brown hair and some ombre mixed in there and the most beautiful Hazel eyes

I just had to go up to her

"Um Mate are you ok?" Harry asked taking me out of my little day dream

"Um... Yea it's just that she's so pretty.." I said still staring at her while she was talking to one of her friends who were pretty as well but not that type of pretty that she had

"Go talk to her then" Harry said

"Alright I'll be back" I said while patting his shoulder and going towards her

"Hello!" I said when I reached her

"Hi.." She said

"What's your name?" I asked

"Um.. Rachel.." Rachel said

"That's a beautiful name." 

"Thx." She said

"I'm Ashton" 

"I know" she said

"Well, your very pretty Rachel"

"Thank you" She said

"Here's my number call me any time, or text you know whatevers better." I said while walking away

I think I might be off to a great start


Thank you @Rachel XOXO for taking part of this story everyone go make sure to check her out!!


And if you wanna be in the story like @Rachel XOXO and @awesom1Dforever

Go check the chapter Kiss- 4 all the info will be at the bottom of the story :)



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