Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


4. Meeting the guys - 3

We started to drive to the guys house and Mikey put No Control by One Direction and me and mikey started singing along. We soon arrived and the house was amazing.


   "Wow the house is beautiful!" I said with amazment

   "It's not mine Luke and Cal are the offical owners and me and ash just come whenever we             feel like." He said while Chuckiling and getting out the car

   "Don't you guys like to relax like by yourself?." I said while we were heading to the front door

   "Not really." Mikey said while knocking on the door

   "LUKE!!!!!! open the door!!!!!" Mikey said clearly angry

   "Oh hey mikey who's this?. Luke asked after he opened the door

   "I'm Megan."I said

   " Yeah we meet at starbucks." Mikey said while entering the house so I followed him

   "Calum , Ashton!!!! We've got guest!" Luke said, mostly screamed


Then I heard feet running down the stairs to only see Cal and Ash

   "Are you megan?" Calum asked

   "Yep!" I said popping the 'p'

   "Well its nice to meet you! Ashton and Calum said at the same time which made me giggle

  "Who wants to play fifa!" Michael screamed

   "ME!!!!!!" I said

We ran to the Xbox and started to play while everone watched us. After a few minutes we were at half time with me in the lead and 2 and Mikey at 1. A few minutes later I finally won!

    "You cheated!" Mikey said which made me laugh

    "How did I cheat?" I asked

   "I don't know! but no one ever beats me" Mikey said

  "Well I just did!" I said feeling epic. 

  "Hey me, Ash and Cal are gonna get some pizza wanna come?" Luke said

  No I'm good." I said

 "Yea I'm gonna stay too." Mikey said 

 "Ok We'll be back in a few make sure to keep your clothes on!!!" Luke said which made me        and mikey laugh

  After they left mikey said


  "So hows life, like your parents and everything." Mikey said which made me cringe at the thought of my parents

  "Um my parents kicked me out and my brother abandoned me at 18 so I had to buy a house with the money I was making from my youtube channel and  I fostered Rosie so I won't feel lonley. But yeah thats my life. I said scaredif he was gonna judge me


"You have a youtube channel?" He said forgeting about the whole family thing

 "Yeah 2 million subs!" I said still not beliving that I've gone that far

 "Wow what do you do?" He said curiously

 "Challenges, vlogs, beauty, gaming everything basically." I said

 "Thats cool It must be hard to live with your parents kicking you out like that." He said

 "Yeah it is but it was in the past so I'lll keep it in the past." I said a little bit sad

 "Hey I wanna show you something" He said changing the subject

 "Ok!" I said while following him upstairs

 "Here sit down." He said motioning for me to sit next to him on the bed

 "What did you want to show me?" I asked as he just stared at me

 "Oh... um.... where did I put it? Oh there it is!" He said while pulling out a picture from his desk

 "Its my mum and dad they past when I was 3 so my aunt had to take care of me. Since you told me about your parents I decided to give you so info as well" he said

"Why?" I asked

  "Why what?" Mikey said

 "Why me why did you decide to give me you number and invite me here and be friends with         me?" I asked confused

  " I know we just met but I couldn't help that we were made for each other like I'm your favorite member in 5sos and we just bumbed into each other at Starbucks and you could've just pretended thatI wasn't there but you didn't. What I'm trying to say is I love you and you've been on my mind since I left Starbucks and I just wanted to get that off my shoulders." He said shocking me a bit


   "I love you too." I said before I could even think



I'm getting excited for my OWN story 

Remember a chapter will be out every single day!!!




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