Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


15. Meeting Niall's Girlfriend - 13


a few hours later we watched a movie and I fell asleep on Mikey's shoulder and it felt right but the thing is were not technically not together, he didn't ask me out or anything but when he does I'll be ready.


I woke up in my bed and I could feel Mikey holding me tightly I tried to move but I couldn't


"Mikey please I need to get up." I said while trying to get up

"No no no your my cuddle bear don't move!" Mikey said

"I'm sorry but I need to get ready for the day." I said

"And what are you going to do today?" He said finally opening his eyes

"Your right." I said while putting my head on his chest 

"Ok time to get up I got stuff to do!" Mikey said while getting up

"Your such a dick" I said under my breath

"I know." Mikey said back


"Ugh" I yelled while stuffing my head in my pillow

"Come on lazy bum where going over to Luke's and Ash's place!" Mikey said while jumping on the bed


"Alright, fine!" I said getting up to change out of my pj's

"YAY!!!!" Mikey screamed jumping off the bed


I just laughed and got dress


"So why are we going to their house?" I asked

"Niall got a girlfriend and he says you would love her so I'm taking you." 

"I'm excited already." I said jumping around

"Is she a directioner cause then we can fangirl?"

"I'm pretty sure she is." Mikey said while laughing

"Ok then lets go!" I said running to my kitchen to feed Rosie and then leave

"Bye Rosie!" MIkey said while we walked to the door to go outside


When we arrived I knocked on the door and got greeted by Harry crushing me to death


"H-Harold can't b-breath." I attempted to say

"Oh yea sorry." He said letting me go

"Nialler!" I said when Niall came and hugged me

"Hey I wan't you to meet someone!" Niall said

"OK!" I said 


"This is Draid Hunter my girlfriend!" Niall said

"Hi!" Draid said

"Hello I'm Megan you can call me Meg if you want!" I said while hugging her,  not gonna lie her hair smells like lavander and to me lavander is like a nice lemondade on a brigh-


"Um Meg are you ok" Niall said taking me out of my thoughts

"Oh yea I was just thinking in the clouds you know trying to communicate with the bunnies." I said keeping my chill


"Yeah okay." Mikey and Niall said




Okay what do you think about Nialls gf? She is played by awesom1Dforever

Go follow her and check out her story called Changes | M.C | | N.H |


The next chapter will be all about her. And don't forget if you wanna be in the story just tell me

there's more information about it on The Kiss - 4



ok ily!!! Xxx



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