Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


17. Leaving - 15


Niall's POV


I love Draid so much but I have to go on this tour and I don't know what to do she makes me happy and the only thing I can do is invite her on the tour.


"Hey mate?" I said to Mikey


"Don't you think we should invite the girls on tour?" I said

"I don't how the fans are gonna react and I don't want to ruin the relationship between me and Meg just because of the fans." He said

"Well don't let the fans get to you" I said already texting draid to come over

"Ok I'll try" Mikey said

"I have won the argument I'm a good leprachuan" I said to myself




*Texting Draid*


N: Hey x

D: Hi :)

N: I was wondering if you wanted to help us pack.

D: Sure I'll be there with Meg in 5

N: Ok, love you



Meg's POV


"Ugh do we really have to help them pack?" I asked

"Well yea we still love them I know I still do and anyways you should be happy you probably haven't had a boyfriend in a long time so being with Mikey should help you." Draid said wich made me get a little angry


"I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that I ju-" She said but I cut her off

"It's okay lets just go." I said getting up and leaving starbucks



*Knock, Knock*


"Hellooo!!" I said waiting by the door with Draid

"MEGAN!!." Mikey said while hugging me tight 

"I thought you were leaving forever!" Mikey said

While Niall went to go do the same to Draid

"No, I would never ever!" I said kissing him

"Come on I'm here to help you pack." I said walking in the house

"Well you should bring extra bags." Niall said

"Dang how much stuff do you have" I said

"We don't have a lot. We need your luggage." Mikey said making me confused

"Wait whats going on?" Draid said reading my mind 

"We felt bad for acting the way we did so were inviting you on the tour!"

"Wait seriously!" I said 

"Yes go get packing!" Niall said 

"Thank you!" I said to Mikey while hugging him

"Wait" I said separating from the hug

"What am I gonna do with Rosie?" I said

"Who's Rosie?" Draid asked

"My dog"I said

"Aww I wanna see her!" Draid said which made me laugh

"Sure but I need to find out what to do with her." I said

"Um, is she potty trained? is she trained in general?" Niall said

"Yea I remember seeing her, she can talk as well, in Meg's eyes." Mikey said

"Hey she can talk!" I said hitting his shoulder

"Okay well she can come on the tour then." Niall said

"Okay I'm gonna get packing I'll be back!" I said leaving the house to go to my house

When I got there I heard something inside but I just shook it off because it might just be Rosie


"Rosie!!" I said

and I saw Rosie running to me and I hugged her

"I see you don't need me anymore" I heard someone say

"Mum?" I said and turned around

"Hi honey." She said and I ran and hugged her but then realized she's the one who kicked me out

"I'm sorry but I have to get packing" I said

"Where are you going?"

"On tour with my favorite band" I said trying not to smile

while going to my room my mum followed me telling me it was a bad Idea but I just ignored her she knows I'm not changing my mind


"Okay I'm done, come on Rosie!" I said 

"Wait but we just saw each other!" My mum said

"Well you kicked me out and now I'm returning the favor" I said with my luggage and Rosie 

"Get out. Thank you though" I said getting her out my house locking the door and getting in my car

"I love you" She said right before I drove off

"Yea whatever" I mumbled to myself


I feel but I can't let her know that I still miss her she hurt me and I have every right to hurt her, emotionally that is.


"I'm back" I said entering the guys house seeing that everyone was there

1D,5sos, me and Draid

"Aww is that Rosie?" Draid asked

"Yep, Rosie go introduce your self." I said and Roise went to Draid and licked her hand



Draid's POV


"Aww she is so adorable" I said

"I live for animals." I said laughing

I could already tell this tour was gonna be amazing.



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