Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


29. Interview - 27


Megan's POV


"Whatever lets just go" I said grabbing my bag

We got into the tour bus because they were gonna preform after the interview and we needed more room for everybody 

We arrived at Ellen DeGeneres thats where we are being interviewed

"I met Ellen she was really nice but then I had to stay in the back so they could start everything


"We are presenting you with the most hotest Aussies ever... 5 Seconds of Summer!!" Ellen said while clapping

"Hello!" She said

Hi's Hey's and Hello's were all over the place from the boys

"Now it's not just 5sos over here we also managed to fit in some British with a bit of Irish!! Give it up for One Direction!!." She said 

"We have extra couches so you guys can fit!" She said which made me laugh

"Are you calling me fat?" Luke whispered/Yelled

"Oh there he goes.." Ash said while shaking his head

I laughed

"Well moving on.. Lets get some things straight here... Michael you've been seen with a girl am I correct." She said and the crowd went crazy

"Uhh.. Yea..." Mikey said while blushing

"Is it true you guys are together??" She said and the crowd went crazy again

"Yea she's amazing" He said smiling

"What's her name?" Ellen, said she knows what my name is but I'm pretty sure she's only asking that for the fans

"Her name is Megan" He said while pictures of me and him came up on a big screen

"And Niall you also have a little something as well right??" Ellen asked

"Ha.. Yea I do.. um her name is Draid, Draid Hunter"He said

"Well their both backstage so why don't they come out!!" She said and I got nervous



Draid's POV


"Well their both backstage so why don't they come out!!"Ellen said and I got a bit nervous I won't lie

I looked and Megain with a scared/shocked/excited look and I grabbed her arm and went on stage and there were so many fans I couldn't believe it

"There they are!!" Ellen said which made me giggle

"Well...there's no extra seats so sit on your boyfriends lap" Ellen said so of course I sat on Niall's lap

and Meg sat on Michael's lap

and the crowd started to say 'omg', ahhh' and stuff like that

I just smilled and tried to keep calm

"Alright so how's the music and everything" She started

After an hour or so we were done with the interview and got on the tour bus to get ready for the concert 5sos and 1D were having

Everyone was tweeting about it and there was supposed to be more than a thousand people there



See ya tomorrow!!




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