Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


20. I'm Sorry - 18



 I quickly walked back to me and Mikey's seat

"You ready?" Mikey said

"um.. Yeah." I said with no emotion

"Okay.. well we gotta get off... Meg?" He said waving his hand across my face

"We just gotta get off, We just gotta get off." someone said

I turned around to see who just sang that and it was Ashton..

"AHH" I screamed moving away from Ashton

"What's wrong?" Ashton said coming up to me No.. No.. No..

"Stay away Ashton" I whispered

"Um.. Megan are you ok?" Luke said realizing whats happening

Then I realized we're still on the plane

"Um.. Nothing lets just go." I said while grabbing my bags

"Babe, are you sure your okay? Mikey said walking next to me as we got off the plane

"I-I Ashton he-" I said before he cut me off

"What did Ashton do Meg!" Mikey said

"He didn't do anything!" I said now crying

"We'll talk about this later." Mikey said grabbing my hand 


We got outside and we saw our tour bus waiting for us so we all got in.   1D,5sos,Me,and Draid


"Hey babe but your bags down so we can talk." Mikey said putting his bags on one of the beds

"BABE!!??" Luke yelled

"Yea is there a problem with me calling her babe?" Mikey said

"N-no I just I didn't know.. you guys were.. um dating." He said akwardly

"Um mikey can we talk now?" I said trying to stop the akwardness

"Yea lets go to the gaming room." He said leading me to the room

" *sighs* Ok so what's going on?" Mikey asked

"I had this dream" I said

"ok" Mikey said

"I was in the woods and I didn't know how to get home so I tried to text you but for some reason I couldn't, and then I heard something so I ran and ran until something grabbed my waist and when I turned around it was Ashton." I said whispering the last part

"It was just a dream, and maybe he was trying to protect you." He said

"It wasn't like that though it felt scary and weird." I whispered

"ASHTON!!" Mikey yelled which caused him to get up from the couch where everyone was

"Yea mate?" Ashton said

"Sit next to Megan." Mikey said getting up so Ash could sit next to me

"Michael what are you doing?" I said staring at him

"You'll see.. Now Ash put your hand on Meg's hand" He said

"Mikey.. Stop." I said as Ashton put his hand on mine and smiled

I just stared at him until mikey interrupted

"Now is this bad?" He asked

"Um.. no not really." I said and Ash smiled

"Good Now Ashton get of my girlfriend." Mikey said

"Girlfriend?" Ash asked

"Yes did no one get the memo that we're together!" Mikey said jokingly

"I guess not." Ash said

"Hey Megan I hope there's not a problem between us." Ash said

"No I just.. it's fine." I said getting up to hug him

"I'm Sorry." I said



That's it for now!!


Sorry I uploaded late



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