Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


2. How it all started - 1


I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing I hurriedly got out of the bed and toke a shower and all that boring stuff. After I was done I walked down stairs to feed my dog rosie. I also wanted to go to the mall for some furniture but before I go I wanna get a cotton candy frapuccino in Starbucks. While walking to starbucks I poped in my earbuds and started listening to Voodoo Doll by 5sos I walked in and ordered what I wanted and before I could walk out I reconized this guy with light purple hair. I automatically knew who this was. Michael Clifford.


  "Um....excuse me" I said while not even realizing

   "Yes?" he said with a small smile

   "Um.. aren't you Michael Clifford for 5sos" I said, what am I kidding I already knew who he           was!

   "Yes I am, I'm guessing your a fan, whats your name?" He said while his smile grew bigger

  " My name is Megan... Um... and yeah... I am a fan... your kinda ...my favorite member." I said        while trying to keep calm 

  "Well, Megan, you must be excited just going to starbucks and boom Michael Clifford                   everywhere!" He said which made me laugh

 "Thats EXACTLY what happened!" I said while laughing 

  "Um.... here every fan should have this" He said while pulling out the Sounds Good Feels             Good album 

  "Oh you don't have to give me that" I said while he signed it 

 " Well I'm gonna give it to you" He said while puting a note inside then handing it to me

  "Thank you" I said 

"Your welcome... Oh I have to go but It was nice meeting you megan" He said while giving me a    hug

  "You too Michael" I said while trying not to cry cause this might be the last time I see him

   "Bye" He said while leaving

 I was gonna say bye but he left too fast. UGH!!! I'm just a fan and it will always be that way.


Hey guys hope you liked this chapter. Tomorrow the next chapter will come out!

What do you think that paper said? Does he actually care about megan?





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