Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


24. Fight - 22



"Um.. yea what's up" I said walking to a now angry Mikey

"Can you explain this?" He said showing me his phone while I sat next to him

I took his phone and looked at it to see some guy I don't know and me kissing him.. wait what?

"Um.. Mikey? Thats not me"  I said confused

"Oh so thats not you!" He screamed and I flinched

"Well it's me but I don't know who that is and I don't remember that." I said defending myself whivh just made him a little bit angrier

"Well a fan sent this to me and it shows the time and everything"He said while getting up

"Well that FAN must've did some photoshop stuff on it." I said getting nervous... I honestly have no idea who that is

"J-just leave" He said

"What..?" I said getting teared up

"JUST LEAVE!!" He said and I grabbed my phone and ran out the hotel toa nearby park

I let all my feelings out... and just sat there until I thought..

Wait I NEED that picture...

I hurriedly text Mikey

Megan: Hey um.. can you send me that picture plz??

Michael: *Picture*


I took that picture and saved it in my photo's and went to facebook and I checked my pictures to find a simular picture to that one that Mikey sent me and there it was.. I was kissing Mikey instead of that random guy.. It was photoshoped


Megan: Here's proof that it's fake *Real pic* vs *Fake pic*

Megan: Please responed!!

Michael: Hey it's Draid   Um.. Michael left and he didn't take his phone sorry

Megan: Ok thanks

Draid: No problem


Damn where is he??



Michael's POV


I saw her text telling me to send her the Pic and I just got more mad so I sent it to her and dropped my phone and left the hotel there is only one girl that could really help me and that is Ally


OHHH who's Ally??

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