Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


36. Don't go - 33



I saw Justin going back into his car

"Wait where are you going?" I asked running up to him

"I can't be here I really do love you but I can't because you all ready have a boyfriend and I'm afraid I'll kiss you or something and he'll find out and I don't want to ruin your relationship." He whispered

"Well here take my number. At least try to visit?" I said while pulling out a piece of paper and writing my number on it

"Yea I'll try" He said then got back in his car

"I love you" He mouthed through the window

"I love you too" I mouthed back

And he drove off

we went back into the tour bus and I realized that 1D was gone

"Wheres the rest of the boys?" I asked

"They had a meeting to go to but we will be meeting up with them at a hotel" Ash said 

"Ok" I said

I sat down on the couch while we drove to the hotel


This is not what I expected ....



This is not the end if you thought it was.. ok

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