Unexpected - Michael Clifford Fan-fic

A girl named Megan is on her way to a casual Starbucks but what she doesn't know is that Michael had the same Idea. Will she talk to her favorite band member? or will she pretend that he doesn't exist?


18. Airplane part 1 - 16


Niall's POV


"Alright let's go" Louis said grabbing a few bags


"Let me take yours." I said to Draid

"Thanks" She said blushing

'She's so cute' I thought to myself 

After everyone got the Luggage into one car we took the rest of the luggage into another car. We had one blue car and one grey car. 


 Blue car        Grey car 

5sos                    1D 

Megan                  Draid


I was in the middle seat in the back and Harry was in the drivers seat with Louis next to him because Larry is real And Draid was on my left and Liam was on my right.


Ashton's  POV


I was in the back seats on the far left and Meg was in the middle and Mikey was on her right and Luke was next to Calum in the driver seat because Cake is real.


"I was about to fall asleep until I put some music on because I liked being awake when driving for some reason even though Luke was driving."

"He was the only one awake except for me and I kinda felt like I had to watch Meg, she's so pretty and I can't help but kiss her on the cheek so I did. I hope she wasn't awake when I did that or Mikey would kill me."

"Wait but he's not with her so I may have the chance."


and with that I fell asleep.


Meg's POV

I fell asleep and when I opened my eyes we were already at the airport, all this packing made us tired."


We got out and there were already fans outside and we just pushed through them until I heard a girl say


"Hey isn't that Megan from Youtube?" 

And I realized I forgot to make a video for my Youtube channel. Once I get to the hotel thats the first thing I'm gonna do.


"Oh my god it is Megan!" Some girl said pulling me out of my thoughts

"HI!" I said and I ran to her to take a picture


"I love you too!!" I said

"Can you follow me on twitter please?" She asked handing me a piece of paper

"Of course' I said and I took it 

"I gotta go thank you though" I said

"NEVER QUIT YOUTUBE!!!!" She yelled

"Ohh I would never!!" I yelled while walking to the airport

"So you got fans too?" Ashton asked as we entered the airport

"Yep." I said putting my bags in the thingy above the seats

We already figured out who's gonna seat together


It's gonna be ...

Me and Mikey

Draid and Niall

Luke and Ash

Harry and Louis

Liam and Calum


While I sat down Mikey asked


"Hey Meg can I sit by the window?"

"Um sure" I said getting out of the way

"Thanks" he said while giving me a peck on the cheek

"Hey um Mikey?"  I asked


"What are we?" I asked

"We're humans" He said laughing

"No like what are we" I said motioning between us

"We're  together forever" He said

"Together forever?"

"Forever together" He said while he kissed me


this is officially the best day of my life


Paper count: 4

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