The KC diary

KC Katintine grew up to be a thief, best friends with two murderers and a girl who got pregnant by the school fuck boy. What led her here? Its about time you found out.


1. Harmless

    I was an only child, yet invisible to my parents eyes. They never noticed when I got gold honer roll, Went to New York City myself or Ran away. I never knew why I stayed, but I guess I just did. In math they teach you, negative plus negative equals positive. Well my parents were negative, and I was positive. But I was gonna change that.

    In 5th grade, I thought Zara was some Dance Addict, Amanda was a brat part of a four musketeers gang, and Ariana was some ghetto weave collector. I really liked this one guy named Rey. He had a diamond earring in his left ear and expensive shoes and was not messed up. One problem was that him and McKenzie didn’t get along. 



    Sara, Amanda, Ida, and Mckenzie made up the four musketeers. I was just  the loner. Doing my thing just chilling. One day Amanda saved my life but also changed it forever.

    A guy named Mike gave me a piece of paper that said,”Do you wanna go out with me?”  No offense but Mike was ugly. I looked at him to my right. 

    “What the hell is this?” I asked.

    “One of my friends gave it to me and told me to give it to you.” He said.

    “What’s him name?” I asked.

    “Can’t tell you.”

    “Why not?”

    “Just tell me is it a yes or a no?”

    My eyes squinted as I tilted my head a bit.

    “So I could tell my friend.” Mike added on.

    Amanda yanked me out of my seat and took me to the other corner of the class room.

    “Mike asked every girl in this class out and clearly he got none of us.” Amanda said in a lower voice. “He wrote that note in class.”

    I just stared at her.

    “What? Do you not believe me? I Know you like that guy at recess - Rey and its not from him, Alright.”

    “How do you know who I like?”

    “Just the way your eyes always draw to him.” Amanda paused. “Actually, Mckenzie always teases Rey at recess, maybe you can come with us today and he’ll notice you.”

    “Notice me?”

    “That’s a start isn’t it?”

    “Well…I guess.” 

    “Alright. Oh and about the Mike thing - I’m not lying.” Said Amanda. 

    “Amanda!” Yelled Ida from the other side of the room.    

    “Sorry I gotta go - see you at recess.” Amanda said as she ran away.

    I turned and walked to Mike. I took the piece of paper and ripped it upfront of his face.

    “Nah - I think I’ll pass.” I said as I slid the shredded paper words him. I turned around and walked away. I finally felt like I had some power - Like I wasn’t that “Good Girl” anymore. One detail Amanda left out though, was that it was Mike’s birthday. I crushed him on his birthday. That made him a blood thirsty rapest-stalker. 

    As class went by I sat down looking at Instagram. I passed by an unknown boys picture. I stopped and looked at it for awhile. 

    “That’s Jay, Kinda cute.” Said Amanda as she walked by.

    Jay. I knew I saw him a recess before. Speaking of recess, It was finally time. I picked a stop next to Amanda as Mckenzie walked towards Rey. I glanced over at Amanda who now had her phone out and one headphone in. Problem was playing on her phone.

    “I love that song.” I said to Amanda.

    “Are you a Ariana Grande fan too?” She asked.

    “Of corse!” I said and that was the first time I didn’t have to lie to have something in common with a person.

    “Oh my god!” Started Mckenzie. “Is your earring in the gay ear?” 

    Rey tilted his head to Mckenzie. All focus was on her. Then there they went spitting fire at each other.

    “I can’t do this.” I told Amanda. I quickly turned around and ran away. Then did Rey see me.

    “Wait!” Yelled Amanda as she took out one ear bud, but when I run, I  imagine I’m a horse and nobody ever catches me.     

    “Who’s that?” Asked Rey.

    “Yea who is that?” asked McKenzie. All eyes were on Amanda.

    Thats all I could see from the tree I was hiding behind. 

    “Are you alright?” Asked another girl behind me. She startled me enough to make me fall back. She had Blue eyes and brown hair. She wore a black leather jacket with tights and black boots. 

    “Yea I’m Okay.” I said

    “I’m Zara.” She said.

    “I’m KC.” I said.

    “You have any relatives here?” She asked.

    “Um…One - My cousin Gavin.” I said.

    “Like Amazing Dancer Gavin?”

    “That’s the one.”

    “Wow well I’m -“

    The lunch lady started blowing whistles. And we all had to get to class.

    “Sorry - I..We gotta go bye Zara!” I said as I turned and ran away.

    A little while after, We got to go home. The busses were called and we went home. I lived in a large pent house in Brooklyn. As I walked through the front door I saw my mom on the couch.

    “Hi mom.” I said. She didn’t say anything back. I climbed up the stairs and into my room. I threw my book bag on the floor and opened my window. I climbed the roof of the house until I got to the peak. I went by my wooden mailbox I made on my roof and took out a piece of paper and used the single pen. I wrote all about today, folded it up in a air plane and threw it into the wind. Just like every other day, It would fly beyond my sight.

    “One less worry.” I always wrote at the bottom of the page and Signed it “KK.”

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