The KC diary

KC Katintine grew up to be a thief, best friends with two murderers and a girl who got pregnant by the school fuck boy. What led her here? Its about time you found out.


2. Danger

      The next day I sat near the front of the bus, or so I thought. I heard Cj’s voice reflect through the entire bus. “Its too early.” I thought to myself. Then I realized I wasn’t hearing Cj’s voice, I was hearing Alex’s voice and I was in the second to last seat on the two seat side of the bus. Alex was right behind me. Every time he “Spits Fire” He over dose the spitting and I’m in the splash zone.

    After being soaked in Alex’s raps I enter my homeroom. Mike stares clean into me. I look around and can’t help but to notice just me and Mike in the room.

    “Oh god, hold on I need to make some copy’s, I’ll be right back.” Said our only teacher. She power walked out of the room. Only Mike and I were in the room. It was 7:30 a.m. and school didn’t start till 8. As the door followed the teacher and closed, Mike walked towards me. I backed away stupidly trapping me in a corner. 



    “KC Katintine I love you so much, will you please go out with me?” He   asked. Each second I was silent he moved closer. The only copy machine was on the other side of the school and at this time always had a line. The teacher wouldn’t be back till Five to Eight. Finally I pushed Mike away.

    “Get away from me!” I yelled as I ran towards the classroom door. Mike beat me to it. I stopped and turned around almost tripping over a desk. I jumped over the desk and hid under the teachers desk. I heard foot steps approaching, positive it was Mike. Mike slid under the desk and I was truly trapped. Each time I tried hitting him away he just came closer. He threw his hands over my mouth.

    “Your so beautiful, no wonder everyones looking at you but I’m the one that’s gonna get you.” Mike said as he held my mouth tighter. I couldn’t even bite. 

I let out a muffled “Get away from me!” But not even a cricket could hear. He released my mouth and kissed me. I kicked him in the nuts and he slid back weakly. I crawled out from underneath the desk and started to run.

    “If you tell, I tell everyone that we kissed.”

    “You got no proof bitch.” I scolded.

    He slipped out his phone from his pocket.

    “On mute it seems like we kissed it private.” He said. I charged for his phone and then the teacher walked in. 

    “Why is Mike by my desk?”

    “Sorry I dropped my pen and it came here.” Mike said. “Here I got it now.” He said and with that he actually had a pen in his hand.

    “Why were you near my desk KC?” 

    I remembered what Mike said. 

    “I was just helping him.” I said. I could feel Mike’s evil smile crawl up my spine.

    At recess I sat near my tree and took in the fresh air.

    “Are you KC?” Asked a boy who almost scared me. I turned around to see   Rey. My eyes grew large.

    “No don’t run again.” He said. I didn’t run.

    “So um….you new?”

    I nodded.

    “Are you friends with Mckenzie?”

    “I’m friends with Amanda.”

    “Oh, How old are you?” He asked

    “11, you?” I replied

    “12, do you like anyone?”


    “Yea, Couldn’t stop thinking about her all night.” He said. I felt a bit broken knowing Rey already liked someone else.

    “What’s her name?” I said quietly.

    “KC, whats your crushes name?” He said with a smile.

    “Rey.” I said. We talked some more and laughed a bit. Mike watched it all from a distance. Amanda walked up to Mike. 

    “I’m gonna tell her.” She said.

    “Tell her and I’ll tell everyone that we kissed.” He said.

    `”Your a freaking rapest.” Amanda said.

    “As I stalker I’ll know if you tell her too.” Mike said. Amanda kicked his back then turned and walked away knowing that there was nothing that she could do -  but on top of her mind wouldn’t leave the fact that Mike had written out a plan to get Rey expelled.




    Rey and I walked down the hill and back into school to get to our next   class.  

    “I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Rey asked.

    “I’ll be right at my spot.” I said with a smile and with a hug he was gone. Amanda walked up to me.

    “Hey!” Amanda said as she walked up to me.

    “Amanda! I need to talk to you!” I yelled as I pulled her behind a dumpster.

    “What happened?” Amanda whispered.

    “You won’t believe what Mike did this morning! He trapped me und - “ Amanda put her hand over my mouth. I tore her hand off my mouth.

    “He did that to then he.” Amanda put her hand over my mouth again.

    “Kissed you? Yea he has to every girl but he knows when we tell anyone, KC you need to not tell. Mike makes us keep all his secrets or else he will spread the rumor with the video. Swear right now!” Said Amanda and I could see she was out of breath.

    “I swear.” I said. As we came out from behind the dumpster Mike stood right there. 

    “You better swear.” He said as he gave a evil smile and walked into the building. Jay walked by as he went into the building Rey was by his side.

    “That’s Jay?” I asked.

    “Yea.” Said Amanda as she entered a unicorn kitty wonderland.

    “Come on.” I said and Amanda followed me. I walked next to Rey and grabbed his hand.

    “KC!” He said. “This is KC.” Rey said showing me to Jay.

    “Sup I’m Jay.” 

    “Well Sup Jay this is my friend Amanda.” I said looking over to my right. Amanda blushed as she looked away.

    “Sup Amanda.” Jay said. Amanda said nothing. “Ight I see how it is.” Said Jay. Amanda stopped walking with us.

    “Excuse me Rey.” I said as I walked with Amanda.

    “What happened?” I asked her.

    “I’m just like you shy.” She said.

    “Then you should be just like me - brave.” I said as we split up to go to our next class.

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