The KC diary

KC Katintine grew up to be a thief, best friends with two murderers and a girl who got pregnant by the school fuck boy. What led her here? Its about time you found out.


3. Bloody Bad

      Mike walked into his kitchen with a glove on. He grabbed a decent sized knife and skinned it along the top of his wrist enough for blood to leak out. Along with blood on the knife. He put the knife in a ziplock bag and zipped it up. He didn’t do anything to the wound he created. Later that day Mike opened Rey’s backpack and put the knife under his math book.

    “Nurse! Someone scratched me with a knife! I couldn't see who it was but the wound is about six inches long, a 1/4 of an inch deep and half a inch wide!” Yelled Mike. The nurses focus turned to Mike.

    “Hold on,” Said the nurse as she ran to the phone.

    “She Dailed the principal’s office number.”

    “Sir there’s a student in my office who got scratched by a knife.”

    “What?? We’ll have an entire student body locker, backpack, and body check.” Said the principal. Seconds later the announcement for everyone to  stand by their locker with all their belongings went on. Everyone was talking - up until the police came in the building.

    “Someone has a Knife on them, if you are the one, tell us now and you’ll get in less trouble.” Said the police officer


    I exchanged looks with Amanda who was next to me. I knew she didn’t do it. Then Rey across the hall - He was with me the whole time. He didn’t do it ether. Everyone I knew and loved were in the safe zone. The cops came to me and opened my locker to find it empty. 

    “I don’t use my locker.” I said. The cop just ignored me. She opened my book bag and emptied it completely. 

    “1442 Clear.” She said in her walkie talkie and then she moved on to Amanda.

    Across the hall I could see Rey getting checked. They looked through his locker and then his bag. Notebook, Binder, Textbook, Bloody Knife? 

    “Anne.” Said the cop. The cop who I think was Anne turned around to see a Bloody Knife in a ziplock bag. 

    “Him.” Said the cop. Cop Anne forced him around and hand cuffed him.

    “You don’t know what you’ve done.” Said Cop Anne.

    “But I didn’t!” I could hear him say. That was the last time I saw him. The other cop took the bag and followed. I felt Amanda staring at someone. It was Mike with a smile. Now I knew, He framed him because I told Amanda.

    That was the tragedy of 5th grade. Other than my stalker putting my Boyfriend in juvie for a couple of years, I lost my mom. My dad had left us several years ago, before I started grade school and My mom had passed away from drunk driving. As much as I wanted to be sad, I couldn’t. My mom’s funeral felt like a strangers Funeral. Only her no-good club friends were there and none of them recognized me. It’s like I was invisible. 

    I was living myself in my old home and had a job of babysitting dogs. School on the other hand was a straight “out of the way” girl. Occasionally I would hang out with Amanda at recess but any other day I would sit at my tree and weep thinking about when Rey used to spend time with me. 

    After the age 12 I had a surplus in money with almost 20,000 in savings. I no longer had a money worry. On the other hand, Sixth grade was a twist. This is where my life really started.

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