Office Days

KC, Amanda, Zara, and Ariana are all grown up - But has KC changed since from stealing from Manhattan, Has Amanda finally changed, Did Zara decide to take respocibility of mudering Juliet, and has Ariana stopped mounting dead heads? Lets see/


3. Zay and The Coming

     Amanda pushes Jay away.

    “Stop it.” Says Amanda. Jay looks at Amanda confused. 

    “I don’t like you.” Says Amanda. As Amanda walks away, a dozen police cars flash by stopping her. Jay puts his hand on Amanda’s shoulder. Amanda kicks Jay in the nuts.

    Zay, the 23 year old most wanted criminal in the country jumps on a rope ladder with a gun shooting cop cars.

    “Good job son.” Says Zay.

    “When you told me I was gonna get to drive a helicopter, I didn’t think It would be a real one.” Said Fez, Zay’s 10 year old son.

    “So….Do I have a mom?” Asks Fez.

    “Um………Er………Yes.” Said Zay remembering what it was like with her creating Fez.  

    “Where is she?”

    “Uh, Dead.”

    “What was her name?”

    “KC.” Says Zay as he sighs.

    KC talks to Amanda over the phone as she buys a wine.

    “He kissed you again?” Asks KC.

    “Yea and I had to run and he tried stopping me.” Said Amanda. “You have no idea what its like to be pregnant.” 

    “Yea…………..” Says KC sadly.

    “Omg sorry I forgot.” Said Amanda

    “Its okay, I wanna forget.” Replies KC as she puts the wine in her trunk.

    “How could you forget that your baby is out there somewhere, maybe alive, maybe dead, maybe with that bitch, or maybe with a family?”

    “I pretend it does not exist.” says KC as she sits in the drivers seat of the car.

    “Don’t call your kid an “it.” He had a name didn’t he…? What was it again?” Asked Amanda

    “F……Fez.” Said KC. “Anyway I haven’t heard from Zara.” Says KC trying to change the topic. KC hears a loud bang from Amanda’s side of the line.

    “KC….” Amanda whispers. “I don’t -“ The line gets cut. Another number rings on KC’s phone. KC picks up thinking its Amanda.

    “Let me talk to Amanda.” Demands Jay.

    “Omg leave her alone!” Yells KC still sitting in the drivers seat of her car.

    “Please! I have to tell her something!” begs Jay.

    “Listen, Amanda hates you even if your gonna be the father of her baby.” Says KC. KC’s line makes a long beep sound.  

    “Shit.” Says KC as she turns the car on. KC starts driving to Amanda’s house as fast as she can. Suddenly, cops appear behind her. KC pulls over.

    “You were 35 over the speed limit that is 500 cash.” Said the cop.

    “I don’t have that much cash on me.” replied KC.

    “Then its 24……again, come on you know the drill.” Said the cop. KC got out of her car and the officer cuffed her. 

    “Stop looking at my ass and just cuff me dumb ass.” Said KC because its been at least a minute since she turned around to get cuffed.

    “ I wasn’t looking at it.” Said the cop.

    “Every time…..” Said KC.

    “At least Amanda can’t get double pregnant.” Said KC in her mind.


    “KC?KC? Hello?” yells Amanda.”Ugh!” Grunts Amanda as she puts down the phone. Amanda try’s calling Zara but the unknown caller keeps blocking the line.    

    Amanda grabs the kitchen butcher knife and goes near the door.

    “I have a knife, I’m not afraid to use it, go away and never come back!” Yells Amanda

    “I just wanna ask you one thing!” Yells Jay from the other side of the door.

    “No leave! I will hurt you.” Yelled Amanda.

    “Let me in just for a second I just want to talk.” Says Jay.

    “Stalkers call my phone so I can’t call for help, Stalkers come to my house and stand at my door and all this to talk?”

    “Please Amanda let me in!” Yells Jay.

    “Never!” Yells Amanda

    Jay walks to the kitchen window and jumps in breaking the window.       Amanda runs for her life upstairs into her room dropping the knife as she ran.

Jay picks up the knife and runs after her. Amanda quickly runs into her room and locks the door and sits right by the bottom of the door holding it closed for extra support.

    “Amanda, I just wanted to ask, What are we gonna name the baby?”

    “Are you freaking kidding me? You broke into my house just of that?”

    “Hey! Its my baby too!”

    “I’ll name it after you - Slut bag!” Yells Amanda. “Leave Now!”

    “Wait open the door!” Yells Jay.

    “Why so you can rape me?” Yells Amanda.

    “No I Lied about the baby its not mine!” Yells Jay.

    Amanda stops leaning against the door and stands there in shock. Then Jay body slams the door causing it to fall over. Amanda falls over too.Jay walks up and above Amanda.

    “Its my baby.” Says Jay.

    Then Zara jumps in the window and swings over Amanda and kicks Jay and Knocks him out.

    “You came!” Yelled Amanda.

    “Thats what friends are for. Speaking of friends, KC is in jail again for 24 hours you might wanna get her out.” Says Zara.

    “I’ll go get her.” Says Amanda.

    “I’ll clean up here.” Says Zara.

    After Amanda leaves Zara walks up to Jay and kicks him in his nuts.

    “AHHH!” Yells Jay. Zara throws a body bag over Jay.


Upper New York  



    Mckenzie pulls out of the drive way and on to the street.

    “Where you going?” Yells Jake

    “On a small trip!” Yells Mckenzie from her car window.

    “Can I come?” Asks Jake.

    “The more the merrier.” Says Mckenzie. Mckenzie drives about 15 minutes down a long street.

    “So where are we going?” Asks Jake.

    “To find someone.” Says Mckenzie.

    “Hopefully your not gonna kill anyone.” Jake Jokes. “Whats their name?”

    “Amanda, from 6th grade.” Says Mckenzie.

    “Oh I remember her. Why are you looking for her? I thought you guys were enemies.” Says Jake.

    “She’s pregnant I wanna end the war before a mini Amanda exists.” Says Mckenzie.

    “Wow. Did you hear about Tyler?” Asks Jake.

    “What did he win another football championship again?” asks Mckenzie.

    “No, he’s missing the championships to go visit Jay and everyone.” Says Jake.

    “I’m still gonna tease him.” Says Mckenzie. Mckenzie and Jake laugh.



        Jay wakes up on his bed.

        “AH!” yells Jay. Jay slowly gets up and realizes he had been kicked in the nuts really hard. Jay moans some more as he walks around. When Jay walks two more steps he falls down on the floor.

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