Office Days

KC, Amanda, Zara, and Ariana are all grown up - But has KC changed since from stealing from Manhattan, Has Amanda finally changed, Did Zara decide to take respocibility of mudering Juliet, and has Ariana stopped mounting dead heads? Lets see/


1. The Office

     Amanda waits patiently for KC. The elevator music starts and makes Amanda mad as hell. When the elevator finally opens Amanda sees KC.

    “Hi” says Amanda

    “Im late for a meeting” KC says as she rushes into the elevator. Amanda steps out of the elevator and pulls Jay in the elevator a second before it closes.

    “GOOD LUCK AT YOUR MEETING!” yells Amanda.

    The elevator opens as KC walks out.

    “My meeting got cancelled” says KC. Amanda and KC walk to the front desk to sign back in from their mid day coffee break. Jay comes out of the elevator. Amanda and KC catch Jay’s eye and they and they all have a stare down. Jay leaves awkwardly after two minutes of staring. After 30 seconds Jay walks back in.

    “Forgot my pen” says Jay as he grabs his pen.

    KC and Amanda chuckle.  

    “Whatever.” Says Jay, but then almost like he was jinxed he trips and breaks his pen.

    “Awww…… That was my last pen!” Whines Jay.

    Then the elevator opens. A, what boys would call, Hot Girl, walks in.

    “I have an extra pen for you.” Says the hot girl. For Jay, the Hot Girl walked up to him in slow motion. For us normals she gave him the pen and went in the elevator. Jay being the guy he is, slips into the elevator a second before it closes.

    “Sup!” Says Jay.

    “Hey.” Says the hot girl.

    “Wanna hang later today?” asks Jay. Just then the elevator opens to the lobby where his kids and wife were standing.

    “Hey honey. The kids and I brought lunch”

    “No thanks” says the hot girl. Jay hits his hand on his forehead, grabs his lunch and goes into the elevator. Meanwhile Amanda and KC are fooling around with Jay’s side of the office by sticking sticky notes that say “Whatever” all over his area.

    “Could this day get any worse?!” says Jay as he walks in. Amanda and KC run out of Jays’s office.

    “WTF” yells Jay. KC and Amanda chuckle from a distance. Jay sits down almost breaking the chair. 

    Jays office phone rings.

    “Hello how may I help you?” asks Jay with no emotion in his voice.

    “Daddy!” Yells his kid on the other line.

    “Oh Daddy busy at work.” Says Jay. The boss walks near by and stops to listen to Jays conversation.

    “Daddy make that elephant noise!” Yells Jays kid.

    “No - no I can’t baby I -“    

    “You no like me daddy?”

    “Fine” Says Jay and after a split second he makes the elephant noise for his son.

    “Yay! Bye Bye daddy!” Yells his kid happily.

    “Bye baby.” Says Jay as he hangs up. The boss opens his notepad and writes down “Jay makes elephant noises” and then walks away. KC and Amanda chuckle again.

    Jay’s break time begins. Jay gets up to get a spoon for his lunch. KC and Amanda sneak back into Jays side of the office and continue to play around. Jay walks back in and bumps into KC.

    “Watch it!” yells KC.

    “Whatever.” Says Jay sadly.

    “Why are you sad?” Amanda asks.

    Jay ignores Amanda and walks away. As Jay walks away he trips and breaks his pen.

    “Oh Man! That was the hot girls pen!” Jay Whines.

    “The what girls pen?” Asks Jays wife. “Are you cheating on me - AGAIN?”

    KC and Amanda watch the argument like a movie as Amanda buys popcorn from the vending machine.

    “No there was a lady and she gave me a pen, thats all”  Lies Jay.

    “I heard she was hot?” asks Jays wife.

    “Um….Not as much as you… love…..?” Says Jay uncertainly.

    Jays wife takes jay in his office and whoops his ass. KC and Amanda hear the throwing of chairs and ripping of papers followed by a long wave of curses.

    “Thats it were over and I’m taking the kids!” Yells Jays wife so loud that the whole building probably heard. Jays Ex wife leaves Jays office and goes in the



    “Damn it.” Says Jay. Jay walks out of his office and to KC and Amanda.

    “So……Any out you wanna go out with me?” asks Jay.

    “You talking to KC right?” asks Amanda. Jay stares at both of them for an answer. Amanda and KC turn to each other. Then they both take their over weight purses and smack Jay.

    Jay goes back in his office and sits down. Jays office phone rings.

    “Hello!” Jay says Madly.

    “Bad daddy! You fired daddy!” Yells Jays kid and hangs up. Jay puts his phone back and starts crying. The boss walks into Jays office.

    “Whats wrong elephant daddy?” Asks the boss.

    “More like elephant not daddy.” Says Jay as he puts his head down. Jay picks his head up.

    “How do you know I make elephant noises?” Asks Jay.

    “Oh…Um….I’m late for a meeting….Bye!” Says the boss as he runs out of Jays office. Amanda walks into Jays office and starts stealing back all the pencils he stole from her. KC follows.

    “WTF are you doing!” Jay yells.

    “Stealing my pencils back!” Says Amanda as she grabs a hand full of pencils and stuffs them down her purse, Jay looks at KC standing behind Amanda.

    “TF you looking at.” Says KC. Jay draws his eyes back to Amanda who was stealing his lunch. Amanda and KC run out of Jays office and split the sandwich in half. Jay walks to the door of KC and Amanda’s office.

    “Can I talk to you guys. Your the only people i have left. No family, Not much money….” Jay goes on.

        KC and Amanda look at each other. After 5 seconds they both say   the same thing.

    “Whatever Boy!” They both yell and the yell takes over the room. Then they each eat the last bite of their half of the sandwich.

    “Please.” Begs Jay. Amanda and KC look at each other again.

    “Fine.” Says Amanda.

    “But,” Adds KC. “You need to buy us lunch for a whole week.” 

    “Deal.” Says Jay desperately. The office was about to close so Jay took Amanda and KC to his house.

    “So What do you wanna talk about?” Asks Amanda.

    “Well….I need to learn to be a normal guy, a lady’s man but less player like” Says Jay.

    “Easy be the opposite of you.” Says KC.

    “There are so many hot girl though.” Says Jay.

    “Thats why dating and condoms were invented.” Says Amanda. KC nods in agreement.

    “So we need to go.” Says KC.

    “Where?” Asks Jay.

    “Club going up on a Tuesday!” Yells Amanda.

“    “Its Friday…” Says Jay.

    “Whatever…Bye!” Yells KC and KC and Amanda drives away. Little did they know Jay followed.

    While Amanda and KC are going crazy, Jay is checking out some girls. Then Jay seeks into the girls bathroom.

    “KC!” yells Amanda. “I need to rainbow!” Yells Amanda. and rainbow meant pee when Amanda was drunk. When KC and Amanda get to the bathroom KC notices Jay but Amanda doesn’t.

    “Who’s that cutie!” Yells Amanda.

    “Amanda don’t say that!” Yells KC.

    “Let me take care of her!” Yells Jay.

    KC makes a huge mistake by trusting Jay and gently walks Amanda over to Jay and races back into the club for the raffle.

    “Amanda, will you go out with me?” Asks Jay.

    “Unicorns!” Yells Amanda.

    “Yes or No?” Asks Jay.

    “Hell Yea!” Yells Amanda.

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