Office Days

KC, Amanda, Zara, and Ariana are all grown up - But has KC changed since from stealing from Manhattan, Has Amanda finally changed, Did Zara decide to take respocibility of mudering Juliet, and has Ariana stopped mounting dead heads? Lets see/


2. Big Mistakes

     Jay grabs his car keys.

    “Unicorns!” Says Amanda

    “We can talk about Unicorns at my house.” Said Jay.

    Amanda and Jay sit in Jays car and speeds away to his house. KC runs out of the club and sees Jay driving away. KC dials 119. After waiting 30 seconds, KC realizes she dialed the wrong number and re-dials 911.




    Jay pulls into his drive way. Jay leads Amanda to his room. Amanda pets the pillow likes its a puppy.

    “Puppy!” Yells Amanda.

    Jay ignores Amanda and puts Amanda on his bed. Amanda slowly falls 

asleep. Out of nowhere, cop sirens start going crazy around Jays house. Cops  burst into Jays house and KC runs up the stairs. Jay throws a blanket over Amanda.

    “Amanda, Don’t move.” Said Jay.

    “Don’t do anything Amanda!” Said KC a minute later when she burst into Jays room. The cops run into Jays room and point guns at Jay who now had his hands up.

    “Amanda, I have a unicorn in the car, go get it!” Yells KC. Amanda shoots up and runs to KC’s car. Jay throws his hands behind his back as the cops cuff him.

    “What the hell were you doing?” Asked KC but she already knew when she noticed Jay wearing his boxers and a mens tank top.

    “He’ll be in an over night cell” Said one of the officers.

    “Alright.” Said KC.


                    The Next Day


    “I feel dizzy.” Said Amanda as she woke up. “What happened yesterday?” 

    KC felt a little nervous about telling Amanda what happened yesterday so she said “Um….Nothing. Lets go to Zara’s house.”

    “Okay.” Says Amanda.

    “Yo Amanda!..You good?” Asked Zara.

    “What do you mean?” Asks Amanda.

    Zara hands Amanda a pregnancy test. Amanda walks out of the bathroom with a + (positive). Amanda starts to cry. KC sits next to her and hugs her.


    “No!” Yells Amanda as she pushes KC away. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Amanda grabs KC’s car keys and drives home. Since Zara and Amanda are  neighbors, KC walks (and beats her) across the lawn. 

    “Go away.” says Amanda as she opens her garage.

    “Fine but if you want answers, Jay is behind bars.” Said KC as she crossed the street to her house. As soon as KC gets in her house, Amanda drives the car and drives away.

    Zara goes back in her house and opens her bedroom window. 

    “Hey Bae.” Says Alex as he climbs in.

    “Hey Alex.” Says Zara.

    Alex lies down on Zara’s bed with his hands under his head relaxing. Zara closes the windows, locks it tight, and closes the curtains.

    “Something gonna happen today?” Says Alex with a Smile.

    “Yea, I’ll be right back.” Said Zara. Zara runs down to the kitchen, grabs her largest, sharpest knife and runs back upstairs. Zara locks the room door.

    “Ready?” Asks Alex.

    “Ready then ever.” Replies Zara. As Zara sits on her bed, Alex kisses her and lays her down.

    “But first.” starts Zara as she sits back up.”I just wanted to say…..I……Hate You!” Says Zara as she try stabbing Alex with a knife.

    “WTF are you doing?” Yells Alex as he runs to the window. Zara ignores Alex and corners him in her closet. With three stabs blood is pouring out of Alex.

    “W…….w……why?” asks Alex.

    “Ask Alexa.” says Zara as she throws a bag over Alex.






    Amanda continues driving to the Town Jail.  When she parks the car she takes a deep breath and walks in.

    “Write your full name here and the full name of who you wan to talk to over here.” Said Ashe. ( Ashe was the lonely stalker of 6th grade ). Amanda wrote her name down, Amanda Kaat, and Wrote Jay’s name down, Jay Winter.

    “Alright……..Amanda wants to see,” Said Ashe. “……Jay?”  Ashe Chuckled.

    “I saw it all on the News!” Laughed Ashe.

    “I see you haven’t changed stalker.” Said Amanda. Ashe stopped laughing and grabbed a key. Two minutes later Jay was sitting on the other side of a glass window with a phone and Amanda was on the other side.

    “Is it true?” Started Amanda. “What KC and and Zara said, Is it true?”

    “Depends.” Says Jay.

    “Are you freaking kidding me?” Yells Amanda. The cop Slides out a gun.

    “Chill.” Says Jay.

    “How am I gonna Chill if I’m Pregnant?” Whispers Amanda. Amanda sheds a tear then sighs.

    “Wait - What?”

    “I’m Pregnant!”

`    “I swear I took you to my house, you were drunk but we just kissed a little I didn’t go that far,” Lied Jay.

    “WTF then why are you here you big lair?”

    “Why are you here?” Amanda spoke up.

    “Maybe,” Starts Jay. “Maybe I did go that far.”

    “YOU MOTHER -“ 

    “Miss!” Yells the cop. 

    “Why did you want me?”

    “Thats a question I can’t even answer.”

    “Sorry to interrupt but Mr. Winter your free to go.” Says the cop as he opens the door to Amanda’s left. Jay walks out.

    “Wait - What?” asks Amanda. Then a figure walks by really fast. Amanda try to follow the figure but Jay holds her back. Before Jay gets a chance to say anything, Amanda smacks him with her purse and runs outside to call KC.

    “Why is Jay out of jail?”

    “Because when you were drunk you listened to him so it dose not count as a rape.” Said KC.

    “Ugh whatever I’m done with life.” Says Amanda.

    “Shit.” Says KC. KC grabs her motorcycle and drives to the town bridge knowing thats where Amanda would go.

    “Good Bye Life.” Says Amanda.

    “NO!” yells KC as she runs to try and grab Amanda but Amanda jumps anyways. Just then Jay grabs Amanda’s hand and pulls her up.

    “I’m sorry for what I’ve done, You don’t even have to forgive me just stay in this world please.” Says Jay. KC slowly tiptoes away from this “Only Them” moment and drives away.

    “Why do you want me to stay?” Asks Amanda.

    “Because…….because I really like you.” Says Jay as he looks down.

    “Out of every girl, why me? I know I’m cute and shit, but why me?” Asks Amanda.

    “Cause you're different.” Says Jay

    “What do you mean?” asks Amanda.

    A car playing “What Do You Mean,” By Justin Bieber passes by. Jay kisses   Amanda.

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