Born from the Ashes

Ash is a boy, a completely normal boy...well as normal as you can be when you control fire. A secret kept from friends, family, and everyone close to him, he masters the fire after years of secretly practicing with his mom. How his mom knew about his power, he would never know. But after he sets his school on fire, his secret is out, and he's on the run. From the FBI, government, and other beings...beings that are more than they are portrayed to be. And most of all. Himself.


3. I set my school on fire by accident

15 years later

     "Ash!  Time for school!"  My mom's voice rang through the house as she rose me from the deepest of sleep.  Grumbling, the room seemed to get brighter as I began to wake up even more, and the light make me snap my eyes shut once again

     "Coming mom!"  I yelled back down the stairs.  My little sister (by adoption) ran in and jumped on top of me.  I 'oooffed' as I fell back.  Giggling, she sat back up and pinned me down.

     "Common lazy!  It's my first day of 6th grade!"  Trying to sit up, and failing, I plopped back down answering,

     "Yes, I know, but if you don't let me up, I'll keep you home!!!!!!!"  As I said the last word, I reached up and tickled her until she begged me to stop.  Laughing, I finally got her out of my room and went to get dressed.  Looking in the mirror, a reflection gazed back at me with a bored, uninterested eye.  My eyes were strangely red, and my hair was an auburn color.  It was like I was on fire.  My favorite color was obviously red, and at one point, my hair had seemed to actually be smoking.

     There was a explanation for all of this, my mom had said.  Of course at 10 years old, I was too young to be told the truth.  At 11, my mom still said I was still too young, though my power was beginning to form.  When I was 12, my power had fully manifested, but was uncontrollable.  At 13, I had complete control but my mother would still not tell me where they came from. Now, at 16, she was running out of excuses.  

     My secret was the essence of my being, and burned passion into me.  Literally.  I was able to control fire.  Yes, Fire.  Summon it, hold it, not be burned by it, control it with a thought of my mind.  It was amazing, though my mom never discussed where this power came from.  The times I asked her it had been deflected into this conversation about my mom and how she had married him because he was an angel to her, and not to be messed with when she didn't like something that had happen between them.  She new more then she told me, but that was kept to herself for no reason other than maybe hiding the truth from herself.  

     It took me three seconds to think all this through before I had splashed my face with cool water and had tackled combing my fiery hair through, thoroughly.  I threw on a red shirt and jean shorts along with a pair of socks and some red converse.  Holding out my hand, I closed my eyes and thought of warmth, fire, and very hot material.  In almost an instant, a fireball was summon in my hand.  Marveling at the colors of reds, oranges, and yellows I could see in it, my other hand came up through it cutting it in half so now I had about an inch of space between two half fireballs.  Closing my currently very busy fire hand, the fire was extinguished immediately.  

     A car horn honked outside, and the window revealed my mom's car sitting outside ready to take my sister and I to school.  We could not afford two cars, so we shared one when we needed to.  Usually, my mom would let me drive my sister to school, and then I would drive to high school, and finally my mom would take the car until the afternoon when I was picked up.  Grabbing my backpack, iPod, phone, computer, and all other books I needed, I ran down the stairs, grabbed some toast, and rushed out into the car.  

     I dumped my things in the back seat, and jumped into the drivers seat.  My mom's eyebrows were raised, scouring my messy hair, untidy cloths, jumbled books, and all the other messy things of my life.  

     "Just go with it mom."  I said before she could comment.  Throwing her hands up in defeat, a sigh came from her though her eyes danced with light.

     "I gave up trying when you were a baby, Ash.  Now drive, child, or I will throw you out of the car, and you can walk to school."  The engine roared while the car pulled out of the drive way and we were off.  It took about 15 minutes to get from the house to my sisters school, and from there I pulled up to a stop light, minutes away from my school; Fern Tree High school.  Looking around, my eyes just happen to rest on one spot to my right.  The snow on the ground had been completely melted in a perfect circle.  That's impossible, I thought.  New snow had fallen the night before.  

     "Hey mom?"  I started.  

     "Yeah, Ash?"  Of course, by my luck, the light had turned green before I could go any further with the question that lay on the top of my tongue.  Putting my foot to the gas again, we continued onto school leaving the perfectly melted circle behind. 

     "Did you have a question?"  My mom's voice startled me as she spoke up suddenly from the silence.  

     "Wha-a?  Oh, no never mind."  Still distracted from what I had seen, my brain had no comprehension of what else was going on.  My school came into view, finally.  I parked the car and left it to my mom, saying good bye to her before walking into my social life.  Two of my friends, Erin and Nick, waved me over.  

     "Hey Ash, over here!"  Trodding over, I fist bumped both of them before diving into a deep conversation about Geometry homework.  That's right people, Geometry homework is some deep stuff.  Just then, Dean Thistle came over to where we were standing.  The bully of the school...take that back, the bully of all my years of school.  

     "Hey, baby!  Baby needs to be taught a lesson.  He's beginning to make us look like fools."  Which was not entirely true, because I was in two AP classes with all honors for others.  Not wanting to deal with him right now, Ignored him.

     "Hey!  I'm talking to you, Baby."  Grabbing me on my shoulder, he spun me around, which was his first mistake.  Ever since I was a baby, I had been to hot for anyone to touch, well, not anyone, just those people that I didn't like.  For some reason, I had an idea that it was due to my power and not anything else.  Anyways, he had put his hand on me, and let go with a "Ow!"  When he turned his hand up, it was scalded red.

     "Baby is abnormal.  Baby shouldn't exist."  Dead said using the jibe to hide is wound.  Kicking me on the chest, was his second mistake.  Though it didn't burn him, it made me mad.  And when I got mad, I usually lost control.  The fire I had in myself was a rage, and when it got mad, I did too.  

     "Dean.  Go.  Away."  The words were quiet though he heard them loud and clear.  His third mistake was thinking that he could pick on my friends.  

     "Baby's friends are as stupid as he is, they shouldn't exist either.  Maybe Baby will kill his friends before I do."  That was it.  Before I knew what I was doing, my hand caught fire....or rather, my whole body became an open flame.  Feeding off my anger and hatred for him.  Screams went up in the courtyard but I tuned them out.  All I knew was that Dean would pay for what he said.  The next thing I knew, I looked over and the school went up in flames. 

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