Born from the Ashes

Ash is a boy, a completely normal boy...well as normal as you can be when you control fire. A secret kept from friends, family, and everyone close to him, he masters the fire after years of secretly practicing with his mom. How his mom knew about his power, he would never know. But after he sets his school on fire, his secret is out, and he's on the run. From the FBI, government, and other beings...beings that are more than they are portrayed to be. And most of all. Himself.


2. Before

     It was a chilly morning, and a layer of new fallen snow lay untouched from the night before.  Soon the streets would be filled with the business of the world.  Cars would rush by, school buses would cart around kids, snowballs would be flying.  The world seemed so peaceful in it's quiet state.

     In the middle of the snow stood a man, but he was not clothed in snow attire.  There was no big jacket surrounding him, no mittens or gloves on his hands.  He wore no long pants or even a hat.  He wore an armor of sorts; a chest plate with the emblem of a dragon blazed on its front.  The armor that covered his legs was completely red and had five separate panels that made up the claws and tail of the dragon that was bore on his chest.  The snow melted around him creating a perfect circle.  Grass sprung up around the now melted ground and the air around him shimmered as the cool air touched his fiery hot skin.

     As the country came alive once more, another came and approached him.  Staying low, his head bent down, he addressed him.

     "My lord."  The Lord had blazing eyes, though they were as black as coals.  Fire now wreathed around his body as he moved forward to confront the man.

     "Shadowwalker." The Lord greeted the kneeling figure.  His voice cut through the air and whipped like fire making Shadowwalker flinch.  "I have called you here for one reason and one reason only.  I understand that the significance of this task is not known to you, but I do tell you, should you mess this task up in the slightest, you will have me to answer to."  Shadowwalker's eyes flashed with uncertainty the more his master spoke, the more he ever regretted coming here.  

     "Master?" Shadowwalker answered in return to the threat that was bestowed upon him.  

     "It has come to my attention that Lilona has bore a child.  A child of fire, a child of fate.  Should this child reach the age of 16, it will mean my destruction."  Fear ripped through Shadowwalker as he caught onto what his master was implying him to do.  A faint smile lay on the lips of his master as the fear crept into the body of his servant.

     "Kill the child and I will spare your life.  Fail, and I will kill your friends, family, and loved ones in fire.  Only after they are all dead will I kill you...slowly, painfully, and not thoroughly.  When you are on the brink of death, I will leave you in the depths of hell to rot until you are nothing more then ash."  The fear was evident so much that the Lord laughed.  "Oh yes, Shadowwalker, you will perish if you do not accomplish this task.  That much is a given.  If you do succeed however, you will be greatly rewarded.  Yes, riches and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.  And all the shadows of the world will do your bidding.  Just kill the child."

     Turning on his heel, the Master vanished in a flame of fire.  Followed closely by Shadowwalker in a cloud of darkness.  

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