Future Hearts h s

Ashley has just moved from Columbus, Ohio with her family to Cheshire and is about to start university. She had to leave all of her friends behind, but making friends comes naturally to her. She finds herself a group of great people, but one of them catches her eye more than the others, his name is Harry Styles.


1. Innovation

[in-uh-vey-shuh n] noun
1. something new or different introduced: numerous innovations in the high-school curriculum.

I pressed play and closed my eyes, the soft music filled my ears as I laid back into the seat of the plane, my body finally at ease. My thoughts kept shifting back to my friends and how I'd never see them again; I tried hard to block it out but my mind wouldn't let me. I turned up the volume and soon felt myself drifting in and out of a dreamless state, so I let it consume me fully.
The drive to our new house wasn't particularly long, but I dreaded every second. I don't see why I had to move too, I start college in September, I could've stayed at a friends until I moved on campus, but my dad just had to insist I stay close. Now I'm forced to go to "university". 
We pulled up to the house and it was beautiful, which I hated. I don't want to like it here. It was unnecessarily big though, there are only three of us. I'm an only child. 
"your room is on the directly on the left as you come upstairs, your things should be there already, why don't you go get settled?" My mother after we walked through the door. I made my way up the stairs and found my room easily enough, I opened the door and was greeted by all kinds of unfamiliar, these belongings weren't mine? I was about to go tell my parents someone else's things were in my room, when I noticed a note on the brand new desk. I walked over and picked it up 
"You're old things were well... Old. You deserve a new start, so we started with your room! Love from, Mom and Dad xx" I was overwhelmed with joy as I investigated the room further. It had a cream and blue colour scheme, with a queen sized bed with more pillows than anyone would need. I walked around the dressers and saw two somewhat hidden doors; I opened the first one and was embraced by the sight of a fully stocked walk in wardrobe. I opened the  next door and was met with a beautiful en-suite.This is too much. I ran down the stairs and hugged my parents, screaming thank you over and over again. Things are looking good for me. 
"go and get ready, dress smart casual because we're going to an old friend of your mothers for dinner, be ready by 6"
I looked at the time and was it was only half four, so I decided to jump in the shower. The water washed away the stress of the move and it left me filled with excitement. I walked in to the wardrobe and pondered of what to possibly wear. Almost half an hour later I decided on a plain black skater dress. I was really feeling myself when I put it on and it felt great. I paired it with some black flats and light makeup. I was ready by twenty to six. 
"Is there anything I should know about your friend before we go?" I asked my Mom when I got downstairs
"Well, her name is Anne, I met her a few years back when I was doing work over here, she has a son about your age too and he's looking into applying to the same university as you" She gave me the look, you know the "you've been single for ages and this is a great opportunity, you should seize it" look. 
"Not going to happen" I replied. It's not that I don't want a relationship or I've got something against them, it's just I've never really met anyone that genuinely interested me. Sure I've had boyfriends that I've liked a lot, but that was all. They didn't last long because soon enough, I didn't like them that much anymore.

We pulled up to a large house, a beautiful woman with brown hair was stood outside, she came over and pulled my mother into a hug as soon as she exited the car
"It's so good to see you!" she exclaimed, breaking the hug. She said hello to my father and then walked over to me, who was just stood there, awkwardly. I'm not good in social situations. 
"You must be Ashley! You're even more beautiful than your Mother described!" she pulled me into a hug, I hugged back and thanked her.
"Come inside and meet the gang!" she cheered and lead us in.
As I walked in, I was greeted by a girl not too much older than me, 2 or 3 years. Her name was Gemma. She was so nice I felt my anxiety almost completely drop just talking to her.
"Gemma, go and get your brother, dinner's ready. Ashley please take a seat at the table, love" I did as she said and sat next to my father.
Anne placed dinner on the table, Spaghetti Bolognese.
"Nothing too fancy I'm afraid" she giggled and I thanked her as she finished setting all the plates down.
Gemma walked through the doorway but I wasn't expecting what followed her to have an effect on me. A boy, my age, with beautiful brown curly hair, striking green eyes and the cutest smile I've ever seen, began to introduce himself.
"Hello, I'm Harry" he said with a thick accent as he reached his hand out to shake my Mothers, and then my Fathers and then mine. 
"What's your name?" he asked, his eyes intensely lingering on mine
"Ashley." I simply stated. 
"It's a pleasure to meet you" he said, breaking eye contact to look at my parents.

"That was lovely, Anne, thank you" I said as I finished my food. Anne stood up and began collecting dishes before I stood up and intervened.
"Anne, don't worry about the dishes, I got them" I smiled politely, Anne began to oppose but I cut her off
"It's the least I can do" She smiled 
"Harry, why don't you help her?" She said as she sat down
"I'd love to" He grinned at me



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