Paranormal Highschool

Fern starts her first day in her new high school, full of mythical creatures who just want a new beginning.


1. Shape-Shifting Sheldon


      Fern woke with a jolt, the fresh mountain air surrounded Fern and her mother's new cabin. Miles away from a human house or road. She walked across her messy box filled room. To her full length mirror with edges made of mahogany.It was just last month her father was out hunting and was discovered and killed.

 Fern's yellow eyes shown back at her, the way they did when she was nervous. Her long midnight hair messy from her restless night." I know today is going to be strange" Fern exclaimed coming down the narrow hallway into the kitchen. Where there was a feast of different kinds of meat. " Your going to be late get dressed and eat!" Fern's mother Caroline demanded. "Why should I i'll just get kicked out for being to strange or destroying property etc."Fern said wildly Caroline answered back "Don't be ridiculous all the students are just like you. Now get dressed! " Fern grunted and walked back to her room and put on combat boots, a plain white t-shirt, a leather jacket and blue jeans. Running past her mom grabbing her lunch box and heading to school. Finally at school she was fascinated to see some students on the front steps practicing magic against each other! " Those are the students that run the school" a mysterious male voice said behind her. Fern turned around ready to attack when she saw a cat turning into a boy. " Who are you! " she said as her eyes turning back to their original hazel color. He responded "Sheldon i'am a shape-shiftier. What and who are you exactly.I might ask." "Fern, and i'am a werewolf" Fern answered glaring.

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