The One I Fear

When 19 year old Marie Carter Tells her roommate her feelings toward him, his reaction results in him asking her to help him get with the girl he loves... Marie's Ex-Boyfriend hears how sad she is and comes to the rescue. She's so heartbroken she takes her abusive and manipulative boyfriend back... Did she make the right choice?


1. Chapter One

 "You know what's crazy?" I laughed as my best friend and I walked around the park

"What?" he asked

"well, we've been friends for years now, and I sorta guess I should tell you something" I said, we both stopped walking

"okay, well I have to ask you something" Bryce replied "But, you go first" he added. I smiled, this was the time to express my feelings

"Okay, well I guess I like you, a lot" I explained, Bryce just stared

"Well, I guess I still need to ask you something" he smiled nervously.

"what?" I asked with the same look

"You know that girl Alyssa in our Social Studies class?" he asked, I nodded slowly

"Yes, she's one of my friends" I said

"Really?! That's awesome!" Bryce smiled.

"Um yeah, why?"

"I've been in love with her since the day I met her, but I feel stupid talking to her. My question is, will you help me?" Bryce asked smiling, my nervous smile disappeared, my heart cracked in half.

"Help you?" I sneered, trying to wrap my mind around what just happened.

"Yes, help me get on her good side, to where I can eventually ask her out" he explained. I stayed Silent

"Sure, I guess" I answered

"Sweet, let's go back to our dorm, and possibly manage to come up with a plan good enough to work" Bryce said walking away. I caught up to himm

"Okay" I felt so stupid, not only does he not feel the same, but he asks me to help him get with Alyssa the girl in our social studies class. The rest of the afternoon and evening, Bryce and I talked about girls, and what to do and what not to do. By 10 o'clock, he seemed pretty confident, and I felt totally discouraged.

"Marie, thank you so much for helping me, you have no idea how much you've helped me" Bryce said laying on his bed while I laid on mine.

"Yup, no problem, I'm gonna go get some food" I replied glumly

'Okay, be careful!" Bryce shouted as I left, I walked downstairs to a vending machine, I stood there and put my head on the glass.

"Hello Gorgeous, haven't seen you in a while" a rather familiar voice said from behind me. I rolled my eyes and turned around

"Hello Ethan" I said, as I saw my Ex-Boyfriend standing behind me.

"Hello Marie, what's wrong?" he asked in a demanding voice as he walked closer to me.

"Don't worry about it" I replied, turning my back toward him

"No, sweetheart please tell me, it was your roommate huh?" Ethan questioned, I turned back toward him.

"Okay, how did you know?" I asked

" well, you do live with him, so it was inevitable" Ethan said

"well, yes you're right, I like my roommate Bryce. A little more than a lot, but he asked me to help him get with a girl he likes" I explained glumly

"Oh, Bryce yes I know him, what a shame, letting someone like you slip away from them" Ethan said as we walked over to a nearby bench

"yeah well, I'm not worth holding onto, nothing valuable" I said

"You're worth it to me" Ethan said, as he swiftly pulled me in for a kiss.

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