Fun and Games

Danielle and her best friend Brooklynn wander the streets of Kansas City, lost but soon they run into their heroes. What happens next is a mystery!! Read to find out what happens in, Fun and Games!!


2. Surprises

Brooklynn's POV

I woke up next to Ashton, whose hands were around my waist. I crawled out of his strong grasp and suddenly I felt a rush of coldness flood my body. I snuck out of the room into the kitchen. I was in the middle of making toast with veggiemight, when I felt strong hands wrap around my waist. Instantly I knew it was Ashton. I spun around to meet his smile, and his hazel eyes met my blue eyes.

Michael's POV

I saw her. She looked so peaceful sleeping next to me. I loved her. Her slow breaths fell in sync with my heart beat. I loved Danielle. Her eyes slowly fluttered open. With a smile she spoke "Good morning Mikey." "Morning love." I replied. I hate when people call me Mikey but when Danielle said it I loved it. I had to tell her how I felt but I was snapped back into reality when Luke jumped on me and cal jumped on Danielle sweeping her off of her ass. She yelped but it turned into a lot of giggles. I loved her laugh. Someday I will tell her.

-(A/N)- hey guys it's Danielle and this is the second chapter hope you like it<3 -XXDanielle

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