Fun and Games

Danielle and her best friend Brooklynn wander the streets of Kansas City, lost but soon they run into their heroes. What happens next is a mystery!! Read to find out what happens in, Fun and Games!!


1. The streets

Danielle's POV

We are walking the streets of Kansas City, but the worst part is that we are lost. Brooklynn, my best friend and me are just looking around until I feel this large body hit me. "Hey watch out!!" I snapped. "Oh my I'm so sorry here let me help." I know that voice it's- MICHAEL FUCKING GORDON CLIFFORD!!! I looked up and almost Shit bricks. "Oh my god Michael I'm so sorry I-I", "Hey it's ok no worries love." He cut me off. As I looked around I saw Luke, Ashton, and Calum as well. "Um hey me an my friend Brooklynn are lost could you help us?" "We would but we are lost too" sadly Ashton spoke. "Well maybe we could be lost together?" I sheepishly asked. They all laughed. Brooklynn spoke "Well let's go then!!" We all wandered the streets and eventually got to the plaza. "LETS GET STARBUCKS AND PIZZA!!" Screamed Calum and Brooklynn. We all agreed and got Starbucks and pizza. On our way back to the stadium, a black van pulled up and a guy hooted, "Hey boys lets get back to the hotel." "Alright but only if the girls can come too." The driver agreed and we all slipped into the car. I sat on Michaels lap and Brooklynn sat on Ashton's. We got to the hotel and by then it was 2:30am. We all crashed in Michael and Ashton's room. And we all had a great day and to pull it off we got the best sleep!!

-(A/N)- hey guys this is my first story hope u like it. And I will write a new chapter tomorrow!! Life's a bitch don't quit stay strong and be happy luv u xx-Danielle

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