My brothers best friend


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Before we get to the story let's just say I am not a good girl. I like to die my hair crazy colors, I I get detention a lot, I get suspended a lot. So yeah let's just say I'm not good. But my name is Brooklynn Hood, And yes I know I am Calum hood's little sister.

I am only 5'3 I have red hair I like punk rock and my brother has a band 5 seconds of summer and they are amazing

And you can see I have a little crush on Ashton Irwin. But I try to ignore it the best I can.

One day the band was practicing and my garage and I was really bored so I went down there and watched. I decided to wear ripped skinny jeans and a all time low shirt that goes over my shoulder. And I just put my hair up. I was walking down the stairs and I heard them playing "wow they r really good" I thought.


I was playing the drums when I glanced over to the door and saw Brooklynn come out. And in that moment I just couldn't take my eyes off of her she was so beautiful. Then we finished up the song and I walked over to Brooklynn sitting on the couch her eyes closed and her head was swaying to the previous song. She was sooooo beautiful. "Hey Brooklynn" I said. " hey what's up" Brooklynn said looking up at me. " nothin much just getting ready to eat lunch with Luke, Michael, and Calum,"

"Oh cool" she chirped

Just when I was getting ready to say something like jumped on me and I fell on the ground, I looked up at Brooklynn and she was attaching Michael,

" that's for yesterday when u stole my cookies" she yelled to everyone. I was laughing so hard that soon I couldn't breath, " hey I didn't " I yelled

"Yah I know but I just wanted to do that"

When she said that I laughed even more. Then Michael jumped on Brooklynn and started to tickle her, then we all jumped in and tickling her

" hahahahahahahaha stop it stop it" she yelled wile laughing

" not until u apologize"

" fine fine I'm sorry now get off of me"

Then we all got off of her and ran up stairs. " I am so going to get u guys someday" she yelled

The door bell rang and the Pizza Guy was there and we all ate our pizza and telling jokes. But the whole time I was just staring at Brooklynn.


Authors note:

Hey guys this is my first story so don't judge me if it's really bad but yah byeeeee I hope u like the story so far!!!!

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