When Rhea mobes to town and begins to crush on high school hottie Ashton can she keep her grades up with a social life?


1. My new life

Rhes's P.O.V

So its a new school, a new home...  a new life. So my first day at school is tomorrow and my Mum said that my neighbor Ashton walk was going  to school with me. Im so nervous its all so much imean with my exams coming up and i dont want to be the loser girl with no friends. I hope everything goes perfectly but knowing me i will mess something up well lets just hope foe the best. 

Ashton's P.O.V

My Dad was telling me about the new girl that im now going to school with and he says she seems really nice. He told me to be nice to her and look out for her at school as im walking to school with her. 

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