Take me away(Dan Howell X reader) Trigger warning

Melody Jobs a smart girl and an overachiver with a low self esteem she moves in with her Best friends Dan and Phil while there she develops a crush on Dan but Dan has a girlfriend her name is Brittany McKee her arch enemy.Brittney eventually leads Melody to a suicide attempt and anorexia but will Dan save her?


26. :)

 Dan's POV:
Melody and I were watching Attack on Titan. Melody had Tea, her favorite stuffed animal alpaca.

"I love this Alpaca and you," she said sweetly. She kissed my cheek and put her head on my shoulder. I heard a knock on the door so I got up and answered it. It was Brittney.

"Hello Daniel," Brittany said flirtatiously, leaning against the doorframe. My grip released on the door handle and I stood in the middle of the doorway, my fists on my hips.

"What do you want?" I asked, glaring at her. Brittany grabbed me by the front of my shirt, pulling me close to her. I struggled to get out of her grip, but her nails dug into my skin and made me wince. 

"I want you," she moanedpulling me into a passionate kiss. My breathing hitched and I froze in shock, my eyes widening. Brittany smirked in the kiss when I didn't pull away and stuck her tongue in my mouth, exploring every inch of it. 

"Dan...what's going on?" Melody said as she approached the door. Brittany finally broke away from me and wrapped me in a tight embrace, nuzzling into my chest.

"I'm getting my man back, and there's nothing you can do about it you slutty bitch," Brittany snarled. Melody's eyes flashed with anger and she grabbed Brittany by the wrist, tearing her away from me. Brittany's eyes widened in fear as Melody grabbed her by her wrists, smiling in a sickly-sweet way at her. My brow furrowed as I saw the hurt and pure rage in my girlfriend's eyes.

"I suggest that if you treasure you limbs, you leave. Now," Melody said, her voice dangerously calm. Brittany squeaked a reply and ran off, almost tripped down the steps in the process. Melody turned and walked back into the kitchen, her body trembling with barely contained rage. 

Melody, are you okay?" I asked. 

"YEAH I'M GREAT!!!" She slammed the mug on the coffee table, finally losing her cool. Tea went everywhere and her hand was bleeding profusely. She curled up into a ball and didn't say a word.

"Melody?" There was no reply. I sat down next to her; she didn't move and didn't say a word. Then she gasped for air, letting a tear tremble down her face. That one tear turned to many and the gasp turned to louder and harder breaths.

"Melody it's okay."


"Melody?" Alexis asked, staring at me. Melody didn't reply she just sat there breathing heavily.

"Dan what happened?" Phil asked with care in his eyes.

"Brittney came back and kissed me then Melody made her leave but, Brittney called her a slutty bitch." Melody screamed when I finished my sentence. Alexis hugged Melody until she started to speak.

"L-L-Lucas and Brittney b-b-both c-called me that am I really a B-b-b-itch?" She began to cry even more.

"No of course not Melody." Her hand was bleeding a lot now and we still haven't done anything for it.

"I'll get the med kit," Phil said as he left the living room, looking for the med kit. Isat beside her and hugged her. A couple minutes later Phil came back with the med kit. He bandaged her hand and I put her to bed.

"D-D-Dan?" Melody said when I turned to leave the room.

"Yeah?" I asked softly. 

"Please stay."

"Okay." I laid next to her on the bed and wrapped my arms around her comfortingly.

"Dan I'm sorry."

"No Melody it's not your fault it's Brittney's."

"B-But I hurt her."

"She kissed me when I was in a relationship with the love of my life," I said firmly. She leaned on my shoulder and I looked around her room. Spotless. Not a spot or mess to be seen.

"Melody how is your room so clean?"

"Oh well I don't like dirty things. I mean, I do have obsessive compulsive disorder."

"You do?"

"Yea..." Her voice trailed off and I looked down t her to see that she had dozed off. I kissed her and took a nap myself.

"NO NO NO!"Melody screamed as she woke up.I held her tightly.

"Melody what's wrong?"


"Melody he's not here he won't hurt you."

"But, I'm scared Dan.What's gonna happen they still haven't caught him?"

"I don't know what he'll do but, I'll protect you," I said, kissing her on the forehead. Melody nodded and closed her eyes again. 

Melody's POV:
"You're mine forever. Nobody will save you," Lucas moaned against my neck, his hands stroking my chest seductivly. I sobbed softly under the gag, too weak to struggle under his grip. He grinded his hips against mine, his hard and erect member pushing against me through his pants. My eyes widened as he began to pull down his pants and boxers until he was fully unclothed before me. His breathing grew heavier as his anticipation grew. Lucas forced me to wrap my legs around his waist and he shuddered in anticipation. Please, no... I thought, tears streaming down my face. 

"I'm going to make you mine," he groaned, readying me above his member. I screamed in agony as he forced himself into me, immediatly beginning to thrust. My back arched as a knot formed in my stomach, pain and horror filling my mind. He pounded harder until my screams of pain echoed in the barn. Lucas took himself out of me and rested his head on my breasts, his body trembling and breathing heavily as he released on the floor. 

"You were lucky this time bitch, but I will make you mine," he growled, wiping off his member and putting his pants back on. 

"Now, where were we?" he said with a smirk, pressing his body against mine. 

"No! Please, no!" I screamed, my eyes shooting open. Dan woke up beside me and wrapped his arms around me comfortingly.

"Melody, it's okay. It was just a bad dream," he said softly.

"I-It's over i-it w-won't happen again." Dan kissed my forehead.

"Dan I-I-I love you."

"I love you too, and I will always."

*few weeks later*

"Hey Melody?" Dan asked as he sat down on my bed.


"Will you go to a party with me?"

"Yeah, who's party is it?" 

"Zoe's. I want you to meet her."

"Oh she's a youtuber too right?!"


"When is it?!!!!!"

"It's at 9:00."

"I can't wait!!!" I jumped up and looked at the time.

"Seven thirty." I said quietly out loud. Dan left the room and I got ready and put in my contacts. This should be fun.

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