Take me away(Dan Howell X reader) Trigger warning

Melody Jobs a smart girl and an overachiver with a low self esteem she moves in with her Best friends Dan and Phil while there she develops a crush on Dan but Dan has a girlfriend her name is Brittany McKee her arch enemy.Brittney eventually leads Melody to a suicide attempt and anorexia but will Dan save her?


27. PARTAY!!!

 Melody's POV
We all got in the taxi and headed to Zoe's party. I wanted to meet her so bad, she seems really nice. We got to the house and walked in. Zoe greeted us at the door.

"Hi guys!" she said happily, moving aside from the door to let us in. 

"Hey, Zoe!" Dan replied, hugging her affectionatly. I unconsciously tensed up, but relaxed when they did a fist bump after the hug. 

"This must be Melody," Zoe said, holding out her hand for me to shake and she smiled. She just seemed really nice, like Alexis. She just gives off a nice vibe.

"Hi." I smiled in a awkward way and shook her hand.

"Oh no, what happened to your hand?!" Zoe said, holding my injured hand in hers lightly, her eyes filled with concern. 

"Long story." I let out a tiny laugh when I finished my sentence. Zoe and Alexis greeted each other and then Dan and Phil took us around and introduced us to everybody. After that we had the best PARTAY IN THE WORLD. I got Louise, Zoe, Carrie, Cat, Grace, Hanna, Tyler, and so much more's numbers.It was the best PARTAY IN THE WORLD and my FIRST PARTAY. On our way back into the flat Dan hugged me and said he loves me and ran off.

Dan's POV:
During the party my phone went off.

"Is this Daniel James Howell?" a gruff voice said on the other end. My grip on the phone tightened. 


"We're the London police and we found Lucas."

"O-Okay!" I said, shocked. The party had ended and everyone was going to go back to their hotels or homes. I had to get to the police station so I hugged Melody and said goodbye.

I got to the station and saw Lucas in the same room where I talked to him before.

"Dan! How are you? How's life?" Lucas said it as nothing ever happened, like he never hurt Melody or Alexis or anyone for that matter.

"Lucas, you know what the fuck is up!" I growled, slamming my hands down on the table. He jumped back as I spit those words out my mouth. I knew that if Melody was here, she wouldn't be able to handle it.

"How could you take this girl and do this?! Now she's damaged forever and her thoughts are stained;
With every memory you gave her you should be ashamed.
Did you like it when you heard her screaming out in pain?
I bet the thought of it, is driving her insane.
One of the worst crimes that you could commit;
And for what? Just for your own selfish benefit.
And now she's thinking, "Do I even deserve to live?"
'Cause what you did there is no way she could forgive.
She was so innocent, until that event,
You made an indent, on her presence.
Now she's forced to travel down her life on this path.
Guess you really didn't think of the aftermath.
Are you delusional?
Did you understand what you were doing at all?
What a waste of such a precious girl I will admit;
And I just hope that one day she will recover;
And a genuine smile she will discover."

He sat there is shock because of all of the words I said. I left the station without saying another word and went back to the flat,and saw Melody surounded by pillows and on the floor.She looked up at me and patted the pillow next to her.I sat down and she began to speak.

"Dan, where were you?"

"Nowhere important."

"Please tell me." Her eyes opened even bigger than normal and she stared me strait in the face.


"Yay, now tell me."

"They got Lucas so i went down to talk to him."

"What did you say?"

"Mel I can't tell you I don't want to make you cry."

"Okay thanks for sparing my feelings."I kissed her head and we fell asleep on the floor together.I woke up in the middle of the night to talking.

"Purple magic zebras took my wallet."Melody said as she rolled over.I laughed quietly,pulled out my phone and took a video.

"Dan what's a tree house?"

"It's a house in a tr...."

"Can we eat it?"

"If you like wood."

"I eat baaaaaaaaaaaaaaark."I couldn't keep my laughter in any longer so I ended the video and laughed as hard as I could.

"Oh Dan your not dead."


"Oh in my dream you died."


"Well it's a long story so get comfortable."


"Okay so phangirls were chasing you and Phil then you were like hey let's go here and then some hater was like die bitch and then you died."

"That wasn't long."

"To mee it was! Nightie!"

"Night."She fell asleep right on the floor.

"Oh my Gah!"I laughed again before picking her up tucking her in and going to bed myself.

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